Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode to Wednesday {Wk 1}: Ode to a Brownie


Dear Brownie,
Why hello there.
Yes, I do see you, sitting there so nice and quietly on my desk.
I can feel you watching me, begging me to pay you a visit.
But you see, here is the problem,
your visits aren't temporary.
It's permanent. If I visit you, you will live forever on my thighs.
And to be honest.
I've been working pretty dang hard on my thighs the last few months.
I know that you have that flaky chocolaty texture, and that warm gooey center.
Why do you have to be so dang perfect?
Such a cute little square sitting there poised so perfectly on my napkin.
I hate you brownie.
I hate your stinkin' guts.
All gooey goodness of them!
I have to be going now.
My plain Cheerios are calling my name.
Those are a much nicer friend to me,
even though they taste like crap compared to you.
I hate Cheerios too.
I'm sorry we can no longer be friends,
but you see...I'm liking my new body and my new self-confidence.
So, so long Brownie.
Maybe one day we'll meet again.
Until then, you are off to meet the Big Brownie in the air...
...or the trashcan.
So long.

Ever so affectionately,


  1. I can eat a whole pan of brownies by myself...They are sooo good... Oh, sorry..I should be encouraging you not to eat them..nasty things! :)

  2. That was cute! Way to go in resisting temptation! You did resist right?

  3. Ooooo chocolate brownie! Go you!! for not jumping right in, I don't have a shut-off button when Chocolate is involved! :)



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