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In the spirit of all things SpRiNg

(my moms amazing magnolia tree)

I thought it was time to incorporate a new element to this here blog.

I have been thinking about it for a few weeks now and I decided that based on the way my blog has been growing it was time to take the plunge.

And to make it even better I am offering 5 FREE sponsors spots!
That's right! The first 5 people to contact me regarding this blog post will receive a FREE 250 x 150 sponsor on my blog as well as a sponsor feature throughout this week!

Also, through-out the month of April I will be offering discounted advertising prices. I only ask that in return you please follow my blog!
I have three sizes available:


April pricing goes like this:

large ad: 250 x 250 - $8
* A feature post in your honor with maximum exposure {tweets, facebook, etc.}. When you are being featured your button will appear in the top left corner. Statistics show that the human eye is naturally drawn to the top left corner of websites, newspapers, etc, so this will guarantee that people will naturally notice your blog!
* A chance to guest post on my blog to promote your website or business
* A big ole button on the left side of my blog
* A new follower: me!

medium ad: 250 x 150 - $5
* A group post with one other sponsor and maximum exposure {tweets, facebook, etc.}.
*A medium size button on the left side of my blog
*A new follower: me!

small add: 250 x 50 - $3
* A group post with 3 other sponsors
*A small size button on the left side of my blog
*A new follower: me!

{Prices are good through April 30, 2011}
Sponsorships are paid on a monthly basis. Your month long button display begins the day I add the button and lasts for 4 weeks

In addition, buttons will be shuffled around every week to make sure that people are always seeing something new.

I hope that you take advantage of this amazing deal!
All payments will be handled securely through my paypal account.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Don't have a button?
No problem!
I will gladly create one for you! Simply email me and we can create a button that is sure to attract attention to your fabulous blog!

Ask me about sponsor swaps!


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