About Us

We are the O'Banion's.
(and I hate that our name has two apostrophes in it when used as a plural word...)
We are a family of 3 (soon to be four, eek!). 
The Mr. and I met in 2005 at our college and knew very quickly that God had destined that we be together forever. Six months later we were engaged and a year and a half later we tied the knot and became Mr. & Mrs. O'Banion!
In 2008 we loaded up a U-Haul and moved from my home state of Kentucky to his home state of Ohio.  We bought our first house, became parents to the best Schnauzer in the world, and settled into life as adults. 
In 2011 we decided that something was missing in our lives. We prayed and prayed and in 2012 God blessed us with Adeline, the happiest baby in the world. 

Five months later we sat in awe staring at a little white stick that mean't we were going to be parents again! Eleanor is due at the end of the May!
We live a very crazy life. Mr. is a banker and I am a teacher. He is also the leader of the youth at our church.  While we are professionals during the day, at night we love to play with our girls, watch Netflix, and I cherish time in my studio making pretty things and documenting our story. 


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