Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sponsor Feature: Lauren from First Comes Love

One of the things that I am finding that I love most about blogging is all of the new friends I am making and this gal is definitely one of them!
Meet Lauren from First Comes Love
She is a cute, spunky, gal in a very familiar situation.
Wife, Newly married, great dog.
Sound familiar?
It's no wonder we have become friends through the blogosphere.
I just love the wit she puts behind each post and I love that she loves her life!

And I also love that Lauren was kind enough to pop on over and say hi!

Hi! My name is Lauren from First Comes Love...


My husband, Matt and I live in Nashville with our sweet and lazy puppy, Molly.


I originally started this blog as an outlet to keep our families and friends in the loop about our lives as newlyweds in a new city away from home. We are making a point to enjoy these sweet years of early marriage that we’ll never have back again…

That very attitude is where my blog title was born… First Comes Love. Before jobs and bills and babies and taxes and chores and retirement funds… comes love. We are so content with the place we’re at in life… the daily lesson of what it means to be married and the importance of enjoying every last drop of the day… the ability to look to the future with excitement without sacrificing the beauty that lies in the present. First… above all else… comes love.


Over time, First Comes Love has also evolved somewhat into a sounding board for the various projects I find myself in the midst of at any given time. I’m making our house a home and doing so on a tiny budget (aren’t we all?) and a lot of resourcefulness (on my good days)! I enjoy most do-it-yourself projects, really, but I find refinishing furniture the most rewarding to me personally. Whether we already own the piece, or I stumble across a treasure that I can't live without, I love to breathe new life into pieces that may have otherwise been forgotten.


Most recently, I found a vintage window salvage yard near my house. I picked up a few that peaked my interest and started playing. I ended up (by mistake) making wall art for my own home, but also transformed several into mirrors to sell in my new etsy shop!


I’d love for you to drop in and check it out! Plus, I’ll be adding lots of other goodies in the coming weeks!

Thank you, Amanda, for the feature! I enjoyed the visit!


So make sure you head on over to her blog and check her out. And her Etsy shop is super adorable too!

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  1. Thanks Amanda!!!
    And the feeling is mutual! :)



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