Thursday, January 06, 2011

Boys Baby Album

Back in November I blogged about a baby album that I had created for a co-workers baby girl. I had so much fun doing it that I decided to try a boy's album. Another co-worker has the cutest little 8 month old who loves Ohio State, so when she asked me to make her one I knew right away that I wanted to try to make a themed Ohio State album. What do you think?

I changed the colors of the memory cards to Scarlet and Grey

and then I added the cute little cardstock tabs at the top and embellished them with some stickers.

My favorite is the 1 year old tab, it's a helmet!

I also changed some the extra tags in the back so that the mommy can customize them to say whatever she wants to celebrate.

This album was a blast to make! I think I am definitely a sucker for themed things. I would love to create any kind of themed album if you know of someone who might be interested.
Also, if you have any ideas on other types of albums that could be done the same way I would love to hear them. I'm thinking of trying out a wedding album soon!

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