Monday, January 03, 2011

The Blubber Butt Chronicles: The beginning....

So, if you read my New Years Day post you now know that one of my goals is to drop 30 pounds by the summer. Luckily, after many, many, MANY hours of praying for someone to come into my life who will guide me on my path to success God placed my friends L & A right in my path. L is getting married in June and has some goals of her own to reach, so needless to say we were a match made in Heaven. We sat down and came up with a game plan.

The Plan
eat 1200 calories or less a day and track them using this amazing website Calorie Count
exercise each day after work using the P90X system and track it on Calorie Count
accountability ('nuff said)
did I mention accountability
encourage each other daily
text messages detailing each meal
and weekly weigh in Biggest Loser style without the sports bras and shorts (hello!)

...and just to kind of humiliate myself even more than the last time I tried on my favorite sweater only to find out that it didn't fit anymore, I have decided to blog every week and show the whole blogosphere my progress...oh joy...

We began today at work by weighing ourselves and taking all of our measurements. We also began the process of ordering P90X to get our butts back in shape.

Hopefully this program of ours will keep us not only accountable, but motivated to stay the path. We have thrown in a little gimmick that the person who has lost the most at the end of each month has to pay for the other persons reward for that month. That could be dinner, a movie, mani/pedi, SOMETHING fun and something girly!

So here ya go...week one of the Blubber Butt Chronicles...brought to you courtesy of A&L and our (well definitely mine!) Blubber Butts!

Week 1:

so there you have it, a big whopping 146.6 pounds. Not the most flattering pictures but then again I guess that's the point. Here's to progress right?

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