Friday, November 05, 2010

Baby scrapbook made easy...

Now that I FINALLY have all of our fall decorations up and the candles warmers smelling up the air with all of the sweet fragrances of the season, I decided it was about time to get started on some of my holiday crafts that I try to do every year. One day while blog-surfing I came across this amazing idea for a first year baby album. A co-worker recently had a baby girl and I jumped on the chance to try my hand at making my own! It turned out so good, and I already have a request for a boy album! I will gladly buy all the material, customize, and create for only $30! What a great Baby Shower/Christmas gift idea!

I started with just a plain photo album that holds two 4x6 photos on each page. I decided to create my own 4x6 cards for the cover card, month info and journaling cards on Photoshop and modeled them after the cards on the original blog.

I tried to pick girly paper and embellishments that matched the colors of the crib set as closely as possible and was so excited to run across these PERFECT month embellishment stickers at my local craft store! I simply cut out some cardstock tabs and stuck them on. I included the rest of the embellishments in the back of the book to be used as needed. They included things like first tooth, first bath, first curl, etc. I also added some of my black stamping ink around the ages as a way to jazz up the name card.

After I got all of the cards created and printed I trimmed them down and then added some pretty paper that coordinated with the front cover card to try and dress things up a bit. Then I just stuck them in where they went. I allowed two full pages of photos for the newborn pictures and then each month had four complete pages. It worked out perfectly for a 200 photo album but could be adjusted depending on the album style.

Once all the cards were in I added the tabs, a decorative ribbon on the side, and tada! a completed baby book. All the new mommy has to do is add the picture and enjoy!

If you know of anyone who would like an album made I would be happy to customize and create one for you for $30! Just let me know!

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  1. Hi Amanda!

    LOVE that album! What a great idea to get everything ready for a new mom before hand. Your blog is darling! So nice to meet you. :)



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