Thursday, January 05, 2012

Our home

As promised, I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our house.
I spent the entire Christmas break organizing, deep cleaning, straightening, laundering, and even doing a little bit of painting (with a mask of course!).
I didn't take pictures of each room (because well...honestly, there's nothing interesting about them), but I did get all of the main living areas for us.

our house is a story and a half (it has a loft), which means really, REALLY, high walls and ceilings, which makes painting the whole house virtually impossible without scaffolding and we don't feel like tackling that project right now. So for the time being I have painted a few focal walls and we are making it work.
Don't worry though, come rain or shine, these walls will eventually have color on them!

So I hope you enjoy a tour of our new home. If you have any decorating suggestions please let me know! I am all up for some fresh ideas!

Our bedroom. Remember when we made this bed last year? It's just the look I am going for. Hoping to add some kind of an armoire in there soon. I found the idea for the art above the headboard here.

Our entryway

Our eat in kitchen and kitchen. Yes that is outdoor furniture. We don't have a good table yet and it is working for now. How's that for reusing things!

The view from the living and family room of the loft. I need decorating ideas here folks. It's sooo much white and sooo much wall space. What would you do here?

I llooovveee my kitchen! I still have empty cabinets!! The section of countertop where the coffee pot is holds our household station (our maintenance binder, planner, etc).

The morning room (a.k.a, Abbey's room for now). We are constantly searching for wicker furniture on the internet to add into here. I love the view of the woods outside our house and all the natural light that comes in through the windows.

Our family room.

This is the view from our entryway. Now do you see what I mean by all the white walls? I'm also looking for inspiration on what to put on the half wall you see when you walk in. I'm thinking a country star? What do you think?

The nursery is under construction. We still have trim to go up, curtains, wall decor, and of course the furniture! Can't wait to see it all put together!

This is at the top of the stairs. The loft overlooks the living room and kitchen. At the end of the hall is where my scrapbook nook is. I'm looking for ideas on what to put on the half wall here.

my little piece of scrapbook heaven. I am working on a wall photo gallery but I still have a few more picture frames to collect. This room is my getaway place. I spent 2 whole days up there over break catching up on my 2011 and 2012 Project Life albums.

So there you have it.
Our humble abode.
I hope you like it,
and for realz folks...I need ideas for decorating. I know you all beautiful homes. So let me know!

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  1. Wow, great space! What fun you'll have getting it all put together. Maybe a little organization/ inspiration center on the half wall in your craft nook? Your bed came out great, too!

  2. I LOVE YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just fabulous!!! I love all the space.... I'M SOOO JEALOUS!! hehe

    Check out my blog too:

  3. Your new home is lovely! The bed you made is fantastic! Maybe some bookcases along the half wall? Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  4. It looks really great! And did you know that white walls are the very best for indoor photography because they reflect light so well? I don't have any, but I wish I did!

  5. Your house is gorgeous and I love your paint colors!!! I'm so excited to be your newest follower! Keeping up with you will be so fun for me!!!

    XO, Aimee
    Your newest Bloggy Friend

  6. Love your home! If you want to paint, you could do a lot with the open/lofty areas. You could paint the lower level kitchen, dining area, etc the same color. Then paint the loft beams (upper & lower) the same color. Then in your upper loft you could paint the same color as what you used below in your lower level areas. This all would work if you were using bright/light or dark colors. We have high ceilings and some niches where we've done something similar and it makes it all pop in a nice way.
    Then upstairs in your loft area, along the thin wall where you mentioned needing ideas. You could do built in (or faux built in) padded benches! You know kind of like a reading nook area. You could even build them with hinges on the lids to the bench for extra storage. Fun!!

    ~From your newest blog follower who loves home design :):)



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