Monday, March 21, 2011

We made a bed!!!

Landen and I have been really busy the last few weeks working on an update to our rather bland bedroom. After several years of trying to get the perfect paint color on the walls I finally succeeded in finding an amazing green color only to still be left unsatisfied by the drab wood furniture.

When we got married almost 4 years ago we were lucky to find some really incredible antique dressers at an auction for an amazing price! I think we paid like $100 for both of them. We loved the oak and the old feel to them but after awhile the dark colors just start to suck the life out of the room.

Enter into the picture Ana White at
This lady is my new best friend (even though she has no idea I exist). She literally builds her own furniture and then shares the patterns with all of us lucky readers! I was surfing through her website one day and found this:


I knew I had to have it!
And since my husband is absolutely incredible I didn't even have too work to hard to get him inspired. He loves any chance at using his power tools. So we headed to Lowes, picked out the perfect pieces of wood, had them cut, and headed home to assemble. Here's a look at the progress:
(We assembled the headboard and footboard in the basement but had to finish the process upstairs because of it's gigantic size!)

(Landen picking out the perfect boards for our perfect bed)

(Don, the nice man at Lowes who helped us cut our boards!)

(The headboard and footboard are finished!!!)

(Building the frame!)

(Nothing better looking than my man using a power drill!)

(Also, there's nothing like besties who will come and help out!)

After we got the bed all made I went and bought some Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore (LOVE IT!) and painted and sanded both dressers and the bed.
I'm getting all excited just thinking about showing you these pictures!!!

Are you ready????

The before:

And the after:

I love it so much! We could not be happier with the way things turned out!
Overall the whole project only cost us $120! That's for the wood, the paint, screws, EVERYTHING! How's that for working with a budget!

So, what do you think? Can you think of any other decorations that would really pull the room together even more? I'm thinking a bed tray? What success have you had with those? Drop me a line! I love making new friends!

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  1. You guys rock!! What an accomplishment and what a great memory, that bed means so much more because you made it together!! Just beautiful!!!

  2. Ok, that is seriously cool! The white looks a lot better in your room. I like how the dressers function as bedside tables, too. Bravo!

  3. It's beautiful!!! The furniture fits the room so perfectly now. LOVE IT! Great job!

  4. Very impressive! Not something you see everyday on blogs. Isn't redoing furniture addicting!? I'm out of room in my house for new pieces so I now have to sell something every time I redo something. Oh well!

  5. that looks great! your room looks very similar to mine, and i would never think of putting a head board in front of that fab window. but i'm always so jealous of fab i've got something to think about!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! This bed is amazing! I was just thinking last night that I wish we could make a bed, great minds think alike

  7. I love it, it looks fabulous. I love Ana White's website too.

  8. You have been featured on SSB! Check out your feature below:

    Please snag the I was Featured button for your blog and come back to visit soon!

  9. Love how this turned out! It's a great feeling to make something so cool yourself. Thanks for linking up at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions. Can't wait to see what you have this week.

  10. It looks wonderful! Great job!

  11. Wow! Looks great!!



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