Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 2- My camera


I have always loved taking pictures.
In high school I usually had one, two or three (yikes!) disposable cameras tucked in my bag.
My parents hated having to pay to develop the amount pictures I would take, and when I got my first point and shoot it only got worse!
You know those annoying people who walk around with a camera slung around their necks, always pointing it at random things....yep, that's me!
But I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Just looking back through my albums over the years reminds me why I annoy people without shame. I'm documenting life! Losing someone you love reminds you just how important pictures are. In fact, when someone dies what is the first thing you do...go through pictures! We spend hours going through every picture we can find to try and freeze images into our memories forever.
That's why I love my camera.
My camera is my tool to remember my life and the lives of those I love.
I love hearing the shutter click and seeing the face of someone I treasure frozen in time. Sometimes they're great and sometimes they're not so great, but they are memories.
So yes, I am thankful for my camera.


And don't forget to link up below and join us for 30 Days of Thanks! It doesn't matter if it's day 1 or day 29, the point is to be thankful!
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  1. Cameras are fantastic! and I am still a member of that point and shoot crowd... which is why I pulled over yesterday and took pics of a river, the fall leaves, and beautiful sunshine while I was driving around for work yesterday : )

    I think peoples' pics with their cameras are so so cute! What a great obsession to have.


  2. The code for your button doesn't work properly... I copied it for day 1 and it doesn't link anywhere so for Day 2 I created my own code for it. :) Just FYI!

    Cameras are fantastic, and your blog is adorable. New follower here!

  3. LOVE this...i joined in today posting day one and two, to get on track with everyone else. thanks so much for hosting.

    the button doesn't seem to be linking right. let me know once you get it fixed and I will come and grab a new one!

  4. Ohh!! I am "Thankful" for my camera too...What we all do without it!!

  5. Such a fun idea! I'm here from Mamarazzi's blog! I tried to link up but I don't think it worked...Have a great Wednesday!



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