Thursday, July 07, 2011

Guess what I did...

You'll never believe what I did this week:

I have been in love with Stampin' UP! products for for-eh-ver! I love their stamps, their inks, their papers, their logo....I'm pretty much obsessed; and after noticing how much money I was spending on scrapbooking supplies (and countless arguments between the Mr. & I because of said spent money,) I decided it was time to bite the bullet! Might as well make a little money doing what I love right?
So I did it! I jumped head over heals and I LOVE IT!
I've already set my first goal for the year (a 5 year anniversary trip for the hubby and I).
I can't wait to get started.
So here's the deal.
I'd love to be able to do workshops with you all. You know, get together with you and make some really cool crafts and meet all face-to-face.
But since most of you live like hours away from me I came up with a little scheme.
What if I used a little device called Skype and did like virtual workshops? Shazamm! I'm a bonafied genius!
So here's the deal: I am going to be offering online Skype classes during the week of July 18-22. If you'd like more details just click the 'email us' link over on the right sidebar and give me a holler. You can also visit my website here.

I will be uploading a video of myself opening up my first Stampin' Up! box of goodies next week sometime. If you've ever heard of Stampin' Up! or have ever considered joining now is definitely the time to do it! You can ask me more about that when you holler at me about the virtual workshop!
I am looking for some pretty rad names for myself as a new stamper. Have a suggestion? Leave it in the comment box and I will select my top 5 favorites and host myself a little poll of the people.
Oh, and I'm thinking...with all this cool stampin' stuff I'm going to have it'll probably slip it's way into my 100 followers giveaway somehow.
AAAaahhhhhHHHH snap!

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