Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woohoo!! Let the summer begin!

some fresh air!
Last Thursday night was our last night in our old home.
Remember me mentioning how I was listening to the sights and sounds of our old home on our last night there?
Well, what I was really listening to was the sound of water dripping from our second floor bathroom through the ceiling and onto our kitchen floor. Fabulous.
That's what we woke up to the day before we closed. The day the new owner was doing a final walk through to make sure the house was in tip top shape.
But, we got a plumber in there super quick, the new owner is an extremely nice and understanding gal, and we finished getting moved out and into our new temporary home. Landen's parents house.
So far everything has been going pretty good. Abbey is adjusted to her new surroundings and I have had a lot of time to work on my design binder (check back here tomorrow) and all of my new Stampin' Up! stuff (don't forget to schedule a virtual workshop with me and win lots of goodies!)
I also figured out how to get internet onto my computer using the ole ethernet cord. Can't believe I forgot that! That's the only way we survived in college before the whole wireless fad.
So here we are, all settled in, on the web, and ready to unveil the next step in our home adventure:


our new home!!!!
It is slated to be finished at the end of August so fingers crossed that everything goes as planned! We are so excited about it and I have been going through paint colors, design plans, blueprints, and everything else you go through when building a home.
You can expect some regularity out of this blog from now on out, so thanks again for being so patient with me and all of our craziness!

Also, don't forget, as soon as we reach 100 followers I have a pretty rad giveaway to announce...let's see if we can do it!!!


  1. That's SO exciting! I cant wait to see the new place with all your fabulous touches! How fun :) I'll keep my fingers crossed too that it finishes on time!


  2. Your new home is so pretty. :)

  3. I just came on to tell you I saw your button on my friend Kirsten's blog and boom there she is the first person to comment on this post. Such a small, fun world :) Kirsten and I were roomies and neighbors here in VA.

    Congrats on this beautiful home, how amazing you get to make the decisions about the finishes, it will be absolutely perfect for you :) Excited for you guys. Take care!

    Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles



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