Monday, March 14, 2011

My home management binder Part 1: the binder

I am so excited to be participating in a really fun challenge this month over at iHeartOrganizing. The challenge is to create a home management binder to keep all that home "stuff" nice and organized.
One of my New Years resolutions was to be so much better organized in the "home" area so I already had the shell of the binder completed. I had the binder, some random dividers, and all of my papers somewhat organized and shoved inside. But once I saw all of Jen's ideas, (and FREEBIES), I knew I needed to re-organize my organization.
In this post I am going to cover my folder and how I customized it to also be decoration piece that goes perfectly in my new craft area.

It was really very simple:
I started with a regular plain 1 1/2 binder (nothing fancy, just a purple binder I got for a penny when I worked at the bookstore).

The I went to my local craft store and picked out a pretty fabric. I coordinated it with the other colors in my craft room which are rose colors and mint greens.

I then hot glued the fabric onto the folder making sure to smooth out any wrinkles (I still have some, but nothing Wrinkle Release won't get out!).


Once I got the fabric glued on I took some pretty scrapbook paper leftover from my jewerly frame and covered the rest of the binder.

I took a locket embellishment I found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby, cut out a square of green paper, wrote my title, attached it to the locket with some Modge Podge, tied some pretty ribbon through the top and then attached it to the top ring in the binder with some hot glue.
And waaaallaaaa:
A beautiful binder that would look great on any shelf in the house.
I also created another one for all of my scrapbook layouts I am always printing off the internet.
I love how the binders flow in the room. You could pick any coordinating fabric and embellishments and make them fit in any room in the house!

What do you think about the folder? Do you have any other custom folder ideas you'd like to share? Make sure to check out Jen's website for more amazing organizing ideas!

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