Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Earlier this fall I decided that I was tired of my brown and cream bedroom decor and wanted to make things a little more cheerful. So I painted over the mud colored walls and added a bright green to the back wall that the bed was on.


As with any remodel of a room, whether big or small, I decided that some reorganization was necessary too. This led me to find most of the jewelry that had been stored in ziplock bags or one of 20 different jewelry boxes in various locations around the space. Now I had a bigger problem, what the heck do I do with all this stuff!

The first thing I decided to do was sort through everything I had found. I had accumulated a lot of costume jewelry though-out the years and lets be honest, I just don't wear the stuff so I threw it in my donate pile.

By the time I had sifted through all of my stuff I had a nice little pile of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings to show for all my hard work.

I wanted somewhere to store my jewelry that was both accessible and cute all at the same time. I hopped in my car. Drove to my second home (Hobby Lobby) and began pacing the aisles looking for some inspiration.

Then it hit me!

A picture frame!!!

So I ran over to the photo frame department and grabbed a solid black frame. Now I needed something to stick on the frame because I hated the cardboard backing and I sure as heck wasn't going to keep the picture of the smiling people I don't know! So I ran back over to the scrapbook section and found a FANTASTIC piece of paper that just matched the color of my newly painted bedroom.

Now, the real problem, what can I use to hold my jewelry.

Enter in another spark of genius! EYE HOOKS! HL had some great gold ones that were the perfect size! PUMPED!
After I paid for my purchases I was so excited to head home and try it out!

I started by painting my picture frame white. I love how some of the black still shows through giving it that vintage look.


Then I glued my paper to the cardboard backing using regular adhesive.


I marked out my holes for the eye hooks and then drilled small holes into the cardboard and screwed in the hooks.


and here you have it, a fabulous jewelry holder suited for any room in the house!

And doesn't it just fit perfectly into my bedroom decor!
The best part is that you can customize it anyway you want! Want neon orange? Do it! Want a wooden frame. Totally!
You can make it completely yours!

I linked this project up here:

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  1. Very cute idea, and I like how you left the frame looking shabby chic! I have to say your bedroom does look a lot more bright with the green, but I really like it with both colors! Thanks for linking up!



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