Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm embracing it...

It's becoming a habit.
Exercise that is.
I find that I really look forward to my daily workouts, whether Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt or the treadmill is dragging me along.
It's a nice feeling.

This week's embrace the camera picture is of yours truly...embracing life, a slowly developing new bod, and happiness.

Here's to having said goodbye to 14 pounds!


Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. You go girl! Congrats!!!!! I know now that my body is so use to working out that if I take a few days off I start to feel cranky.....funny, working out used to make me feel cranky :)

  2. You go. I wanted you to know that I gave you an award. go check it out at

  3. You go girl! Thats awesome! and inspiring!!



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