Thursday, March 03, 2011

Made to Crave Giveaway Question #2....and a Blubber Butt Story!

I swear,
this week is kicking my tail.
Both figuratively and literally.
Not only am I totally exhausted, but in my daily workouts I have to actually kick myself in the tail to complete one of the exercises.
Dang you Jillian Michaels.

However...something is working because I am down to a solid
132 lbs this week!
Last week I was at 134 so that is another 2 pounds gone!
14 pounds total!!
I am so close to that 120(ish) mark I can smell it...booya playas!
L is still right around 128 and she is looking FAB-U-LOUS!
She is going to look gorgeous in her wedding dress!
Tomorrow is reward day so we are going to get our nails done after we workout.

New things that we added this week:
We completed Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I am seeing sooo many results all over. The toning that I am getting from the workouts is amazing.
Definitely recommend it. We started Level 2 today.

And we added meal replacement shakes. We started replacing breakfast with these 110 calorie shakes from HMR this week but next week we are going to replace lunch instead and see which one shows better results.

We also did a summary of our inches lost so far.


So here we are this week:



And now on to our Made to Crave Question #2.
Remember to answer the question yourself in the comments section and you are automatically entered in the contest to win one of your very own copies of Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. You can read all about how the book changed my life here.

Question #2
Lysa describes her morning ritual with the scale and her failed efforts to eat healthier as a vicious cycle she felt powerless to stop. When it comes to your relationship with food, what repeated behaviors or events describe the cycle you experience and feel powerless to stop.

Oh boy,
I had a LOT of vicious cycles and I still do. Before I went on this journey to strengthen myself both physically and spiritually I had to overcome a lot of mental stupidity. Example: My birth control made me gain the weight, not the 2 bags of Doritos I eat everyday. I have a bad knee, I can't run a lot. Crap like that.
I also had vicious cycles such as eating out all the time. Fast food, pizza, fatty fried foods, they were all in my daily crave cycle. And I had no problem making excuses to give in to them. "I'll do better tomorrow" was part of my everyday vocabulary. Problem was, when tomorrow came, I just pushed it off to the next day. I literally felt powerless against food. It scares me to death that something had that much power over me!
Family outings were another of these dreaded cycles. I LOVE that Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix. I mean, I could eat the whole dang bunch of it. And add in Lays potato chips...okay, I gotta stop now before I jump in the car and drive to Kroger.
But seriously, whenever we go to family gatherings there is ALWAYS that dang dip and those dang chips there. And I used to ALWAYS eat them. a lot of them. I could have picked the veggies to dip them in and only had a little bit. But no, I would stand right by the stupid dish and keep scooping it out and right onto my hips.
All of these cycles are things that I am still facing now. One of the students I work with announced to me today that she is going to be bringing me a chocolate cupcake for her birthday celebration tomorrow.
Dang. it.
How am I supposed to turn that down!
With God's help, that's how. And I WILL turn it down! I just have to keep telling myself that about 12,300,401,486,301,00 more times before tomorrow.
The best thing about cycles is that you can replace them with new, better, cycles. And that is where I am now. Replacing bad habits with new ones and making better choices.
And as for "cycles"...I have a brand new bicycle in the garage just waiting to be used. Woohoo!

Can't wait to read your responses!
Please share with friends!!! It makes me feel good to see that others care about what I am writing about too!

Now, I have some digital scrapbooking calling my name. It's a new addiction and I have lots of goodies to add to my Project Life album that I will be showing on Tuesday.
Have a great one!


  1. Not sure if it's too late to comment but I find myself getting into the same cycle you found yourself in. We view eating out as a treat and if we are having a stressful week we eat out a lot. I have gotten into a terrible habit of stopping at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast each morning after the kids go to school. It's my alone time and it's wonderful but getting coffee and a donut each morning is not helping my weight loss at all. Those are my biggest downfalls and repeated bad behaviors.

  2. So next time you open your Made to Crave book, go to the very first page, turn it, look at the back...Hi! I'm Kirsten W. hahaha I read the manuscript a few summers back :)

  3. p.s. did you make that spreadsheet for your measurements or get it offline?



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