Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fab find and embrace the camera

As everyone knows I have been working really hard on redesigning my blog over the last few days.
I was so excited when I ran across this super lady and her blog and found a free header that I fell in love with!
She just contacted me to let me know that she is working on sidebar dividers and even a button for me as well! How sweet!
Make sure to head over to her website and check out her freebies section! She has a TON of beautiful things for your use. If you head over there make sure to tell her I sent ya and consider following her blog. Her blog is super inspirational!

Happy Thursday!

And in honor of Embrace the Camera:

Lindsay and I getting ready for an education job fair we attended. Hope something comes from it!

Now, I think I hear a hot tub calling my name....


  1. Looks grear! I have some updating to do myself.

  2. Hey! Thanks forthe offer. I am going to look around this weekend to decide on what I might want to do kinda sorta. I'll get back with you! You got me to making a few changes last night.

  3. Ok so this is my question... I am wanting a different font in my header? Do you have the capability of doing that? Something similar to the font in this header

    Thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Cool site with free fonts...



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