Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springtime in the mountains

Here's what it looks like where we are right now:


I love the mountains.
The smells.
The sights.
The way that the world just kind of slows down for awhile.
It's the best feeling.
I'd move here if we could.
To a little cabin, out in the mountains with my own porch swing and a hammock in the yard.
Oh yeah, I'd definitely love that life.

We are enjoying our first full day here in the Smokies, and even though I grew up not so far away and came here all the time it still never gets old. Especially now that I live farther north and it takes 5 (still can't believe that!) hours to get down here. It used to take 2. Blahhhh.
The plans for this week are as follows:
hot tub

and Abbey is fully enjoying herself as well! Her first trip to the Smokies. Every dogs dream!

1 comment:

  1. this is so the vacation my husband and i love--we honeymooned up in the adirondack mountains in upstate ny and have been meaning to get down to the smokey mountains..enjoy your time alone with your hubs and pup (ahh it sounds so perfect!!!)




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