Saturday, January 29, 2011

There's a party going on!!! 14 days of Love Challenge!

Can you believe it's the end of January already?
Where did this month go!? Before we know it we are all going to be blogging about Christmas again.

I'm really excited about February though and I have some really fun blog posts planned.
Not only am I working on a handmade gift for my husband but I am also planning a really cute gift for the classes I work with at school.
Super. Pumped!

One of the things I am most excited about however is my new project that my husband and I are planning for Valentine's day this year. We have decided to not spend as much money on gifts this year and really try to do personalized things that will mean so much more.
So...starting February 1st we are going to be challenging each other to 14 days of Love. Each day we will surprise each other with something personal and special. I already have a few things up my sleeve that he doesn't know about. I'm pretty excited about it!

Here's where you come in:
I am going to be hosting a linky party every day where we can share how we are showing 14 days of love!


Here are the rules:
1. Each day show someone that you love that you love them.
2. Take a picture of it.
3. Link it up to each day's list.
4. Show some love to other bloggers and check out their posts.

And the best thing of all: A GIVEAWAY!
On February 14th, in honor of the day of love itself, I will be giving away a handmade gift of my own to one lucky blogger.

How's that for showing some love!

Grab my button below and I can't wait to see your projects! You have 2 days to plan!!
Good Luck!

Manic Mother

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