Monday, January 31, 2011

My virtues, and the Blubber Butt Chronicles!

Project 31. Day#9
What virtues do I value in myself?

Well...not to toot my own horn but.....

I am honest.
I am dependable.
I am loyal.
I am a follower of the Creator of the Earth.
I am a princess (read more about that here).
I am determined.
I am me.

And in other news:
It's another edition of...

We were in a much better mood this Monday than last Monday and so it was much easier to get into the whole let's-see-how-much-weight-we-lost-thing.
I was feeling optimistic this week because I had done a really good job eating well and exercising the past week. The treadmill and I developed a great bond and L and I put in some great workout time after work.

SO I was really excited when I stepped onto the scale and saw 138.2 on the scale! Woohoo me!!!!
I am finally back into the 130's. It's been a long time since the scale read those numbers!

L also had a great week and was somewhat disappointed to find that she only last 1/2 a pound. But I was so proud! I know she felt discouraged but that's still a LOSS in weight and not a gain. So we both discussed what we could do this week to challenge ourselves. I decided to reluctantly give up my 250 calorie Jif on the Go peanut butter cup that I enjoy everyday for lunch and only eat it on Wednesday.

BUT I'M IN THE 130's!!

So here we go again this week. I had a salad for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner.
I have to admit though. For the first time ever I feel free from the bondage of food. I no longer plan my life around food. I am starting to plan food around my life. It's amazing what can happen when you give God control of something. Even something as simple as dieting!

So here ya go. Pictures...and yes we are in our workout clothes. Enjoy.

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  1. You girls are gorgeous already! But since this is the second blog I've visited in a row talking about losing weight...I'm taking it as a

    Great blog..returning your follow from FMBT. Thanks so much for linking up.



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