Monday, January 17, 2011

It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Close your eyes and imagine that you are strapped into a group of 17 people, barreling down a hill at 50 miles per hour. All of a sudden you feel the ground go out from under you as you catch air and then you come crashing down just as you think the end is near.

Sound like some horrible nightmare?

Well, it wasn't! It really happened and it ROCKED!

This weekend we went with our youth group to Valley's Edge, a snow tubing place. It was the first time to go snow tubing for both of us and we were PUMPED!

We got there right after they opened and I'll admit, after I saw the crazy mountain of a hill that we would all be sledding down I got a little anxious. Not to mention how I felt after reading the the if-you-die-don't-sue-us waiver that we had to sign with all it's talk of cornices and crevices and avalanches. In New Paris, Ohio. Avalanches? Right.

we had such a blast that by the end of the two hours we decided that we should all try and go down as a group. So we got into 2 lines of 8 (Eric, our youth minister was in the very back), latched on to the person's feet behind us and closed our eyes, crossed our fingers, for safety, and..... know maybe you should watch for yourself
(video courtesy of Eric Clarkson's video camera)

and just to give you a glimpse of what we looked like:

It was SOOOOO much fun that we decided to do it again soon and try to beat the record of 57 people in a group!

Another great part of the day was a friend was able to snap some great pictures of the Mr. and me. It rarely happens that I get good pictures of us because I am usually trying to take pictures of everyone else.

The fun thing is that my friend L (remember her from the Blubber Butt Chronicles) and her fiance T were able to join us which made it even more exciting.

So how do I feel about snow tubing? LOVIN' IT!

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