Monday, July 05, 2010

Dauphin Island, Day #3-More than just a apron at Christmas...

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! Today is the first full day on the island. We woke up about 6:30 and showered and got ready for breakfast. Our cooks are wonderful already! I know that the food is only going to get better throughout the week. We had cereal, fresh fruit, chocolate milk...YUM!

We left around 7:45 a.m to head back to Mobile to attend the morning service at the church we are going to be hosting VBS at this week. I was so surprised when we pulled into the parking lot and discovered that it is actually a Salvation Army Corps building/church building. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was that everyone was wearing some kind of an official looking uniform. Later on in our sunday school class we learned some of the history behind the Salvation Army and also what those uniforms represented. We learned that the uniforms that had red shoulder stripes was represented a minister and that a uniform with a blue shoulder stripe represented the laymen of the church or volunteers at the corp (church). It was so cool to get behind the red buckets and aprons we see at Christmas time and meet the actual soldiers of the Salvation Army. Their church service was a lot like ours in that it was a blended style service musically. We did both praise and worship songs and hymns. From a musicians viewpoint the hymnals were a little odd because they only included the words and no musical notations at all! It was really fun!

Landen and I at church...

After church we loaded back into the vans and drove back to Dauphin Island (DI) and had a great sandwich lunch and then went and spent some time on the beach. Alex, Drew, Betsy, and I went walking around the canals and discovered our first tar ball. I didn't get any pictures of it but I will try and locate some more later in the week and add those.
There were volunteers everywhere as part of the BP clean up team. I felt so bad for them because some of them were in full blown haz-mat looking suits and if there is one thing I have learned about Alabama...IT'S HOT! I will say however, the water tasted just fine and no one seems to be suffering from oil-spill fever quite yet! ;)

It is almost time to go to bed so I am going to end with this:
God is going to do great things here this week. I am so excited about VBS and we even heard that there could possibly be some Muslim families that might be attending. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us.

****Foot Report**** Landen's foot is still really swollen and is not beginning to bruise. He has been icing it but if it's not feeling any better by tomorrow we are probably going to take him to the doctor. Pray that God gives him healing and patience!****

Until tomorrow...

**Check out our youth minister Eric's video blog!**

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