Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dauphin Island-Week in review

Due to wireless issues the rest of the week I wasn't able to update as much as I would have like. The week went by so fast and there were so many blessings that came our way. By the end of the week Landen's foot was beginning to feel a little better and he was able to walk around much more easily! At the end of the week I got in a fight with the inflatable slide and it won big time!

So the rest of the week people kept making fun of me and

Landen for getting hurt at the same time. We were a pretty sad couple!

On Thursday, when presented with the gospel, we had 14 kids accept Jesus as their Savior! Talk about a blessing!
It was a great week and I really wish that we could have stayed a little longer but I know that God has a plan for that place and we need to be remembering Dauphin Island and the entire Gulf Coast in our prayers. It's one thing to see the news on TV but it's a completely different thing to be there personally and seeing it with your own two eyes.

If you want to see more pictures you can check out my facebook and I will try and figure out how to add a photo album to this blog some how.

I will also add links to the rest of our youth minister's video blog to the end of this blog. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thanks for allowing me to share our memories with you!

Day 4 Video:

Day 5 Video:

Day 6 Video:

Day 7 Video:

Day 8 Video:

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