Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dauphin Island, Day #2-Let's go to the Island

Day 2 is here and boy is it HOT! I am beginning to feel that Alabama heat, especially from the back of the van!

Let me begin by saying that the beds were just as comfortable as I imagined them to be! I slept so good and from what I've heard so did Landen. I had such a fun time getting to know the girlies in my room a little better. They are such an inspiration of what Godly ladies should be. Not to mention they let me sleep in this morning ;)!

We left the hotel around 11:00 and began the last leg of our 2 day journey to Dauphin Island. So far we have seen a couple things....a semi flip, a Porsche catch on fire, and a huge peach on stick. It's been an exciting ride full of laughter, music, and even some tears (due to an amazing movie we watched on the computer called “No Greater Love”, highly recommended!). We just stopped at a gas station and stretched our legs for the last time before we reach the Island. We are so stoked to just arrive and start our ministry to all of the people that we are going to encounter both in Dauphin Island and in Mobile. I just have this amazing feeling that God is going to do some great works in not only us but in the people of Alabama. I only hope we are prepared for all we are going to encounter. As the movie earlier reminded me, there is no such thing as chance, we are exactly where we need to be for a specific reason and God IS in control. More to come once we arrive....

We arrived on the Island around 5:30 and pulled into the Dauphin Island Baptist Resort Ministry parking lot shortly after. The water was so beautiful coming across the island. Almost immediately after crossing the island it was clear just what the oil spill was doing to the people of the Gulf coast. Everywhere in the water were these yellow rope like barriers that's sole purpose is to keep the oil out. It was heartbreaking to see but again, we know God has a plan.

The resort ministry wasn't exactly what I thought it would be like but it is a bed to sleep in and it is air conditioned which is a necessity in this heat. The owners are sweet servants of God and have worked hard to establish a ministry where people can come and stay while serving God and the people of the Island. We are going to have a fun time here I can tell!

We got our room assignments, unloaded and unpacked, and then got ready for dinner which was prepared by our amazing cooks! After we ate we had our devotional and then headed off to the beach to walk around. It was dark though so we had to feel our way away. Especially with Landen and his bum foot....

Yes Landen almost broke his foot. He was playing basketball with some of the guys from the other church staying at the ministry and one of the guys came down and landed on his foot in a weird way. I could tell he was really hurt because he had Stacy come and get me, which is something he NEVER does! It's pretty bad. We're not for sure if it's broken yet or not but he ripped the skin off the bottom of it pretty bad and it's swollen horribly. He is definitely kind of bummed about it because he can't even walk around but he did hobble to the beach with us and we got to experience our first Gulf coast experience together. Seeing God' creation of the ocean never gets old!

Well it's pretty late so I guess I should be getting off here and getting ready for tomorrow. We are going to be going to church back in Mobile Alabama at the church we will be holding VBS at. Wireless is kinda spotty here so I will try and update as much as I can as fast as I can. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare our hearts to ministry to the people of Mobile tomorrow. God is good...all the time!

**Check out our youth minister Eric's video blog of our trip!**

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