Friday, July 02, 2010

Dauphin Island, Day #1: pit stop in Birmingham...

Well the day has finally arrived! At 8:00 this morning we pulled out of the FSBC parking lot and began our journey to Dauphin Island, Alabama, where we will be serving on mission this entire week. It has been a long day but we are so excited to see what God has in store for us this week!

The O'Banion's morning began at roughly 6:15 this morning when Abbey decided she had slept long enough in an unfamiliar place (Mom and Dad O'Banion's) and began the morning routine of bouncing up and down on my chest in an attempt to wake me up. Luckily, Landen was filling generous this morning and decided he would take her out. We got dressed in a rush, dropped Abbey off at the kennel :( and jumped back in the car to head to the church. Everyone was pretty much on time today so after a quick prayer we all grouped together for the traditional "farewell" shot.

Eight hours later we arrived safely in Birmingham and our WONDERFUL hotel, the Hyatt Place

Of course the first thing I had to do was take pictures of our room, so here they are....I even included a picture of the room key because it was stinking adorable! Anissa, Abby, and myself shared this big ole beautiful room to ourselves and we are looking forward to sleeping in the nice comfortable beds! A good nights sleep here we come!

For dinner that night we were treated to Full Moon BBQ, which was DELICIOUS!!!

Their cole-slaw was out of this world and I don't even like cole-slaw all that much. They also served us cookies that were to die for! Landen ate several of them! Did I mention the portions were huge!

We ended the night spending the night at the pool and then some of us ran to Walmart to get some needed essentials. It has been a very long but very good first day and even though I am dreading the 7 hours we have to drive tomorrow, I am so excited to see what amazing things God has planned for us in Dauphin Island. Please keep us in your prayers that God will continue to provide safety and blessings as we try to focus on serving Him.

Until tomorrow....

**Check out our youth minister Eric's video blog of our trip!**

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