Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A rainy night at the ballpark...

Last night we sat through our first official rain delay in a MLB game. The meteorologists must have been confused when they said that the rain would hold out until 10:00.

Landen's parents went with us to the game so they met us at our house and we had a tasty dinner of grilled chicken salad before heading out to the park in our coordinating red and white apparel. The sky was blue, the clouds were high and it looked like the perfect day for a game.

Cincinnati isn't that far from our house so we go there in plenty of time but ended up parking forever away. We walked by the Bengals stadium and I have to admit, Landen wasn't the only one to get a thrill of excitement about football season rapidly approaching, I love me some good ole football.

We finally got to the stadium and a really sweet man led us to our seats which were behind 1st base.
(the view from our seats)

From that moment on it pretty much went downhill. The Reds were already losing and before we knew it the clouds were rolling in. It was actually kind of creepy watching the sky go from blue to black and the lightening was really intense. I couldn't believe how fast it blew up. Once the lightening started they made an announcement for everyone on the upper decks to move down onto the lower areas and so we got really cramped really fast. We were smart enough to head under the covered part of the seating area before the mass exodus of people when the rain started. Sure enough, when the rain started it came down in buckets!

We waited for about an hour and half before deciding that the game wasn't going to get going anytime soon. So the night came to an end. I did however get a video of our rainy experience at the ballgame. Check it out!

....and of course the game started back as soon as we got on the interstate...OH WELL!

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