Monday, May 20, 2013

Nursery happenings and a small giveaway

Our house has been a hubbub of activity the last few weeks.  It seems my nesting has been in overdrive and my to-do lists can't keep up.  I have had Landen running from one end of the house to other carrying newborn clothes up from the basement, clothes that Adeline has outgrown down to the basement. We have hung pompoms in the nursery, dusted ceiling fans, straightened up all the bedrooms and cleaned all the baseboards (okay that one was me, Landen thought I was insane for going around on my knees with a dryer sheet wiping them down, but Pinterest says it works!).  

I've also been busy trying to get scrapbook process videos filmed so that I can continue posting weekly while I am recovering once the baby is born.  I am scheduled for a c-section on May 31st so I won't be able to make it upstairs to my studio for awhile.  

There have been so many crafty projects that I have wanted to tackle to update the nursery before Baby Eleanor arrives but I seem to be slacking in the energy department.  One thing that I did get accomplished however was a little dresser decor! The girls are going to be sharing a dresser until Adeline gets moved into another bedroom here in a few months.  I wanted a way to distinguish between her things and Eleanor's while still staying organized and of course cute! I searched high and low on Pinterest and found this which I loved but knew the lettering was to big and that it would be way to time consuming.  So I did a little thinking and decided to use my Silhouette Cameo to make my own letters. I love the result! 

  *Sorry for the awful picture but I took this at night.*

To do this was simple! I just typed out the words using one of my favorite fonts in my Cameo, cut it out, and then adhered the vinyl onto the drawers. Easy-peasy! In my current state of mind however I accidentally cut out three of each word instead of just two soo....I am going to give them away on my blog! 

In order to enter simply leave a comment below letting me know what you would do with the words play, twirl, and dance if you received them.  I was thinking they would look cute on the corner of a picture frame with a picture of your kids playing, twirling, and dreaming. I will leave the comments open until Sunday night at midnight and then I will randomly select a winner and announce it next Monday. 

There are still things I hope to get finished in the nursery but at this point in the game it might not happen and I have to be okay with that.  I will make sure to keep you updated though in all of the fun things going on!

OH! and this Thursday is going to be super cool! Nicole Jones from nicolejones911 on Youtube is going to be guest posting on my blog! She has lots of great tips and techniques to share and if you haven't checked out her YouTube channel yet...well get to it! So make sure to check back on Thursday!


  1. I was so there a few weeks ago. It's funny how your life can revolve around your to-do list when the baby will be arriving soon!

  2. Hi found you over on YouTube....I thoroughly enjoyed your frappe process video. It is one of my goals to attempt doing one of these type of videos.

    How sweet of you to think of your blog followers after having your little bundle if joy. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe and painfree ( almost painfree) delivery. God is so good with blessing us to bring these little miracles of life for us to watch over huh? ;).

    Love the vinyl on the chest.....good idea it will grow with her. Her name is soOo sweet!

    Thank you for the inspiration! Blessings on your delivery.




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