Monday, January 07, 2013

How I'm scrapping this year...

Most of you know that I never completed Project Life for 2012 because you saw my video explaining why here. 
I threw myself in to completing 12 x 12 layouts and put aside my PL binder convinced that I was fully contented in being done. 
And awesomely enough, I was.
Until about one month ago when I began seeing everyone's finished albums and began regretting my decision. So I determined in my mind that I would once again spend hours and days getting caught up from week 15 and finish it.
It wasn't long however, before common sense kicked in and reminded me that my current life situation wasn't going to allow that to happen. So I moved the album to my bookshelf downstairs and called it a wrap.
And it feels amazing to have 5 months of 2012 in the book.
I have lots of other memories documented from the year in my other scrapbooks and through Adeline's baby book, so I feel satisfied knowing that I don't have to completely finish the album. 

I said all of that to say this:
I am going to attempt Project Life again this year!
What am I going to do differently than I did last year to try and avoid burn out?
Why I'm glad you asked!
1. I am going to avoid spending hours looking for "inspiration" on Pinterest.
Pinterest is a wonderful thing, but I fell into the habit of seeing everyone's wonderful and glamour layouts and tried to match what they were doing which left me feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and out of time. This year I am going to go on my own way and only search out ideas when I absolutely need to.

2. I am not forcing myself to make my album "thicker".
This past year I loved the idea of having 2 or even 3 albums for the year but the only way to make that happen was to add in inserts and ephemera and other bits of information that I just didn't have time to accumulate. This year my focus is going to be on documenting what I have and only adding something if it is absolutely necessary. 

3. I am going to stick with Design A pocket page protectors and the Studio Calico Kit as well as my own stash.  I am so excited that I was able to get on the subscription list for the new kit that Studio Calico is supplying just for Project Life. It is going to be an integral part of my process as I am planning on limiting my supplies to mostly things found in the kit as well as my stash.  At one point last year I did order the variety pack of pocket protectors and I recently ordered the 4 x 4 size. I will probably incorporate these in some way either through inserts or something else. We shall see. No pressure though!

4. I am going to begin with doing weekly spreads, but if it falls apart I will go back to doing monthly.  I discovered that when I fell behind in 2011 with my layouts it was MUCH simpler to go back and get caught up when I only had to think of my progress in terms of months as opposed to weeks. So I will begin the year in weeks, but if I see that it isn't manageable I will resort back to the monthly style.

5. I am going to have fun! I am hoping that by making all of the changes that I mentioned above I will be able to enjoy the process again! I love, love, love looking through my completed albums from 2011, and when I go through my 5 months of 2012 I get a little pang of disappointment that I didn't finish but I so love all the work that I did get accomplished!

How are you doing this year at Project Life? Are you jumping in with hopeless abandon or have you learned from past failures and are making changes like I am! I would love to hear from you!

*I am expecting my Studio Calico kit to arrive in the mail tomorrow, so check back then for a video reveal of what the kit looks like in person! I am so excited!*


  1. There are so many cute spreads out there and sometimes I wish I had that creativity. I'm pretty happy with my simple layouts because I like having that finished album at the end of the year. Good luck this year!

  2. I did albums 2009-2011. (2010-2011 in one album). Never got around to 2012 with having a baby. I'm thinking about doing monthly layouts in 2013 because I love recording the daily. Please don't put pressure on yourself to finish 2012! I just found you through your youtube video (when you were taking the pressure off yourself!). I think you are right to pull away from the inspiration on the web. Just do what you have time for, what you love, and enjoy the process! If you miss weeks or months of Project Life, it is OK!



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