Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Motherhood: Reality

Adeline will soon be 4 weeks old.
Until yesterday, I felt like the rockstar mom.
I feed her, change her, lay her down and we are good to go for a few hours.
Yesterday however, Adeline made a real mom out of me.
You know the kind, spit up all over your shoulder, hair disgusting, house a wreck. 
Yep, that was me.
For some reason when Adeline woke up she decided that she was going to do nothing but hang out on the boob all day (see told ya we say boob now without any reservation. Sorry if you consider that a bad word. Feel free to remove yourself from my blog because I'm sure over the next few months 'boob' will be said a lot. Fair warning has been given). She also decided that hanging out alone was completely out of the question and thus decided to scream at the top of her lungs each and every time she realized that she was by herself. Napping was non-existant which meant that any break I would have had to do anything around the house was also non-existant. All of this meant that by the time Landen walked through the door around 6:30, I was stinky, still in my bathrobe, and had used an entire tube of Lanolin cream. Even the dog was in hiding from all of the screaming and refused to come out until Landen said the magic "potty" word. 
Landen took one look at me, took the screaming babe out of my arms, gave me a hug, and said "Go take some time for yourself and I'll take care of her and start dinner."
{Such a stud muffin.}
So what did this mom do? I took a shower. Yep, with all this free time my husband had so generously bestowed upon me, all I wanted was some hot water to wash off the yuck of my first crazy-mom day. 
I am happy to remark however that today we are right back on track. She is back on her regular feeding schedule, which I am happily providing via Medela and a bottle to give me a break, and she actually took a nap earlier which allowed me to dust my living room and fold two loads of laundry that I started yesterday.
I'm sure that I will have many more days like this before Adeline is all grown up. 
I'm thinking my lucky stars that she has been such a good baby so far.
And as for her,
I think she enjoyed giving me a little taste of reality yesterday.


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