Thursday, April 05, 2012

Adeline's Birth Story

It all started with a dream.
One of the teachers that I work with made a prediction a couple weeks ago based on a dream she had that Baby O would grace the world on March 22, 2012.
We all know how I feel about predictions, they never seem to turn out true for me, so I took it with a grain of salt and kept plowing the days away at work.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 came and Landen and I made the 15 minute trek to the baby Dr's office for our weekly checkup.  We were told I was about 60% effaced but was still only about 1 cm dilated.  Dr. Narandran predicted that I was right on target with my due date (March 29th) and that we should expect something to happen within 7-10 days.
Alrighty then, we have time.

Wednesday evening I developed a slight fever and pretty much felt like crap. I was coughing, freezing, sick to my stomach, all things allergy-season like.  

Thursday morning came and I still felt horrible but decided to suck it up and go on to work anyway since I had a meeting outside of school and had already scheduled a sub.

I arrived at the meeting right on time and even though I felt like poo I slapped a smile on my face and tried to act interested in Social Studies curriculum and content standards. 

Around 9:30 I decided I had to pee.  Peeing was something I was doing a lot of those days since Baby O was pretty much full term and was doing the standard lay on/kick the bladder routine. 
I went in, did my business, stood up, and WOOSH
Water, water, everywhere. 
I sat there thinking "No freakin' way! My water did NOT just break." 
I cleaned up, stood up, and WOOSH, the same thing happened again.
At the point I was pretty positive what had just happened.
I calmly penguin walked over the sink, washed my hands, and decided that the only thing to do was go back in the meeting room and announce what had happened.
I walked in, waited for the leader of the meeting to finish talking and step out and calmly announced to the three other ladies in the meeting:
"So, ummm, not to cause a group wide panic or anything, but I think my water just broke."

This was followed by lots of questions, lots of water, and one really weird conversation with the school nurse that included something about a mop and paper towels.

Once everyone was sure that my water did in fact break, I sent Landen the infamous text message: 


I believe he made the normal 25 minute trip in 15. 

When he got there to pick me up I had already called the Dr by this time and they had me scheduled to come into the office at 10:45. Looking back this was so stupid, I am gushing out baby juice everywhere but I need to come into the office. Dummies.

We made it to the office right on time after hitting literally every single light on the entire trip, and I waddled up the elevator and into the office leaving a slug-like path the whole way. 

Let me describe the conversation that happened next:
Me: Hello, my name is Amanda O'Banion, I called in because my water just broke.
Receptionists: Okay, just leave your sample and come back out and we will be with you as soon as we can.
Me. Um, okay, but just so you know, I am leaving a puddle in your floor right now.
Receptionists: Oh my! Okay well I will contact a nurse to come and help you.

Pretty serious stuff here folks. LEAVE A SAMPLE AND WE'LL BE WITH YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN!?!?!?! {insert head slap to receptionists here.}

So I left my precious sample, left some amniotic fluid all over their floor as a thank you present, and then was led into the examining room. The Dr came in, asked me some questions, rolled his eyes at the fact that they had me to come into the office in the first place and then looked at the floor and said "Is that from you?"
Um yesthankyou.

So he stuck some tape in it, it came back blue which means I had been right all along and in fact had NOT been peeing on myself, and had me transported to the hospital via a really bumpy wheelchair.

*Funny side note: being wheeled out into the pregnant-lady filled waiting room with water flowing out of the bottom of your pants was kinda funny. Kind of a "look what you get to look forward to" moment. I am glad I was able to leave them with a first hand glimpse of what was coming up in their lives. *

We made it to the room, got checked in, met Bridgette my nurse, and began to be slapped with the reality that holy smokes this was really happening.

Bridgette gave me my IV (which hurt like you know what, especially after she had to stick me twice because one of the veins blew in my arm.) And did an examination that showed that I was still about 60% effaced but I had dilated to 2 almost 3.  
I was hooked up to all these monitors, asked a ton of questions, and began having contractions.  At first the contractions were pretty mild, but then they began happening closer together and talking became harder.
Dr. Foley came in and checked on everything, asked some more questions, and then left.
About this time Bridgette told me she had mislabeled one of my vials of blood wrong and the lab had rejected it.
Third stick...perfect.

About this time the midwife came in and did an exam that agreed with what Bridgette had discovered and I started having some pretty intense contractions.
It was at this point that I noticed just how intently everyone was watching the Baby's heart rate.  I was so caught up in asking Landen if I was having a contraction, since he had become a pro at reading the monitor, that I didn't even really notice what was going on around me. 
Dr. Foley came back in, called for internal monitors to be placed on the baby's head (which left me yelling out for Jesus) and told me that if the heart rate didn't start showing some variations we might have to start talking about a c-section.
Okay then.
He also ordered Pitocin to be started and I got ready for the contractions to begin getting harder.
Shortly after this Bridgette decided that I was in a perfect state for the fabulous epidural to be administered. Brandi, the anesthesiologist came in and did a wonderful job explaining to me every step that she was taking to get me started on my wonderful pain-free journey to motherhood. At this point the contractions were getting more intense and I was more than ready and willing to have that huge needle stuck in my back.
The epidural was amazing! I was soon feeling happy and having a good ole time goofing off with everyone who walked in the room.
My parents, sister, and niece arrived right about this time and I knew that I was perfectly ready to have this baby now that they had made it. I was flying high, feeling good, and ready to pop out a baby when the mood suddenly changed in the room.
Dr. Foley had came back into the room, and after discussing quietly with the nurses made the call that I wasn't progressing the way I should be and to keep the baby out of harm a c-section was definitely necessary.
You would have thought I had been given a death sentence.
I remember Landen getting all teary eyed.
My parents walked out of the room to talk amongst themselves.
My best friend Charly came in to reassure me that after two c-sections of her own she knew that I would be just fine.
Strangely, even though everyone else saw this as a negative thing,
I was completely calm.
I didn't realize that my blood pressure was dropping rapidly and that the babies heart-rate jumped from 140ish to 180ish.
I remember looking at Landen and saying "Hey, it's okay! Whatever it takes to get the baby out safely is what we need to do, and look at this way. We will get to see it sooner!"
I didn't realize how soon!
Within minutes of Dr. Foley making the call I was flanked by nurses. One nurse came at me with a catheter, another with a razor, the anesthesiologist was pumping me full of more epidural medicine. It was happening so fast. The next thing I know I am hugging my friends and family and being raced down the hallway into the operating room in true Grey's Anatomy style. (And yes, I did make a McDreamy comment to the nurses to which they replied "We wish someone looked that good that works here.")
It probably should have hit me at this point that something was indeed a "bigger deal" than I thought it was, but again, I was feeling pretty good.
When Landen came into the operating room (looking mighty fine in his operating garb by the way) I think it finally hit me that this was it. We were going to be having a baby, and very soon!
One of the nurses predicted that her time of birth would be 5:38. I looked at the clock and saw that it said 5:23 and I about flipped out.
As I'm laying there on the table, surrounded by people who are doing God knows what to my body, I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that this was all happening so fast. One minute we are in the delivery room waiting patiently for my labor to progress, the next minute I'm being strapped down and sliced open.
Landen stayed right by my side the entire time. It seemed like seconds until the Dr. was saying "Okay Daddy, come see what you have!"
Landen stood up, walked over, and I heard the precious words. "It's a little girl!"
I was so stinking excited!
My motherly instincts were right!
I knew it was a girl the whole time!
They brought her over to me for just a few moments and then Landen went over to take pictures and watch them assess her.
The hardest part of the entire process was having to stay strapped to that table while everyone else was admiring and loving on my little girl.
When they brought her back to me I was in awe at how beautiful she was. Olive complexion, dark hair, long skinny fingers and gigantic feet! Everything about her was so completely perfect. It's true, you don't know what love is until you have a child.


The rest of the day passed by quickly. We invited our families in to introduce them to Adeline SueAnn and I slowly began regaining feeling to my legs and started managing the pain that I was starting to feel.
Looking back, I can't believe that 2 weeks ago I was leaking fluid in a meeting, rushing to the hospital, getting an epidural, and having major abdominal surgery.
But when I look at the little girl laying next to me on the couch,
I realize something;
I would do it all over again, without pain medication, and have a hundred c-sections.
This little girl is totally worth it. We couldn't be more blessed.
Adeline SueAnn is perfect.



  1. Congratulations, she is beautiful! What a birth story, I had no idea there was that much fluid when your water broke?! What a birth story.

  2. Congrats! That is quite a story!

  3. She's gorgeous! Congratulations. Who knew there was a litmus test for amniotic fluid? Ha.

  4. You are a gifted storyteller, you yourself comes through clear as a bell. Thanks for sharing your exciting day with the world at large. Keep writing.



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