Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life...a revelation

So here it is...week 7 of Project life and I have successfully completed:
2 full weeks of layouts.

At first I wanted to beat myself up over this reality.
I wanted to fill myself with all these thoughts like:
You are such a failure at documenting your life.
You are such a failure at finishing what you start.
You can't use pregnancy as an excuse, it's your hobby, you should enjoy this process.
I stink at life.

Pretty intense thinking, huh?

So instead of pushing through these thoughts and spending hours upstairs trying to figure out exactly which piece of coordinated paper, or which scrap of ribbon would look best with this picture, I did what I do best; I gave up.
Which brings us to today...7 weeks into this year and 4 weeks behind.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what caused me to get into this rut so early.
I have two gorgeous albums on my shelf documenting last year, so I know that I can do it.
What is stopping me from doing it now?

 I have placed so many expectations on myself and my album this year.
I spend so much time looking at beautiful layouts on blogs that have incorporated the latest scrapbooking gadget or trendy sticker.
I have spent money at scrapbooking websites trying to buy the latest product hoping that it will spark some kind of motivation.
I have spent hours on Pinterest comparing my layouts to other professional scrapbookers.
I have let myself believe that "If I only had the time to put forth 3 hours on one layout, maybe I'd be happy", which leads to discontentment in other areas of my life.
And I have convinced myself into believing that if I don't have layouts as beautiful, or textured, or creative as these, than I am failing at the process.


I have forgotten what this process is all about.
It's about enjoying piecing photos and words together in a way that flows, shows my own creative style {not someone elses} and is simple!
I have forgotten that I am creative.
I am ambitious.
and most importantly
I am documenting our life.
I am successful at this process!

So I am going to go back to doing what I do best.
Simple, basic layouts, that document where we are in our life right now.
There are so many interesting things going on that I want to make sure I don't miss out on.
I'm going to pick myself up out of this rut, dust myself off, waddle up the stairs (as only a 9 month pregnant woman can) and document, document, document.

And whatever it looks like in the end will be perfectly fine with me.
After all, it's our life, and it doesn't get much better than that!

*If you haven't heard of Project Life make sure you check out Becky Higgins' amazing products here. She has created such a simple approach to scrapbooking and I honestly believe that anyone can do it!


  1. bravo! i know just how you feel sista! i get obsessed with looking at other peoples 'stuff' (yours included by the way!) and start to feel the comparisons (and envy) come on....but then, i will see one of my girls open one of my previous PL books and pour through it and it hits me. they. don't. care. they just like to look and remember. and it reminds me why i am doing this. for them. and that makes me oh so happy.

  2. Amanda! It's Lisa, your blog candy winner. Just yesterday I completed my week seven, and I got to use my new Project Life goodies from Amazon, that I won from you! Do you want me to send you some?

    Don't beat yourself up over this. Start now, with week eight. Go forward. You can do this. You know you can. You inspire so many other people, let us inspire you!

  3. Great ingight girl!! You can do it. I am new to PL and I am constantly looking at others work and layouts and I am comparing myself. And thats no good. Our life is what it is... We just need t remember we are creative and its all about us and OUR life.

  4. Hi Amanda, I know how you feel, I have been behind this year also and just caught up this weekend, I have let go of the POTD approach and just work and date my pictures and Journaling as they fall into my weeks. With PL I tend to miss he creative side of scrapbooking so I have begun to make tags and such I strive to add something from my stash to each layout. I have quit being BEHIND and just work with what I have for the week. This has been very liberating which is what I think PL should be all about. I love your blog, not sure how I came accross it but truely enjoy it. You can find mine at

  5. I am loving Project Life. I just ordered some supplies last month. it took awhile to get caught up. And even though it's not perfect. It's done. And I am happy. And I LOVE it!!!

    You can do it!!!



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