Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take the L.O.A.D Challenge!

This year one of my New Years resolutions was to take more time doing things that I actually enjoy, and one of those things is scrapbooking and documenting the life that we are living right now. 
Not yesterday,
not tomorrow,
but now.

I am extremely blessed in our new house in that I have an entire loft space where I can set aside time to scrap and yet still be able to watch TV (well listen anyway) and communicate with my husband. This has given me more incentive to spend the time up there doing things that make me happy because I don't feel like I am wasting precious time with him.
Change is comin' y'all. 
The crying, pooping, staying-up-all-night kinda change.
And my time with my husband is very near and dear to me in these last few weeks of "just the two of us".

So with that being said,
I decided to bite the bullet and do something that would allow me to use my creative juices, spend time with my husband, and still document our life.
I searched and searched for a class, a workshop, a club, ANYTHING that would challenge me creatively while allowing me to stay at home, and by golly I found it!

The {LOAD212} Challenge.
That's right.
A LayOut A Day.


I stumbled across this challenge through another blogger friend and after doing some quick researching, and intense soul searching, I decided to go for it.
I can do this.
I can scrapbook one layout everyday for the entire month of February.
I can do it 8 months pregnant too dang it.
And I can do it with a stinking smile on my water-retention-swollen face!
And since it's leap year I can do all 29 layouts instead of 28.

Boy oh boy...
these hormones are getting me all worked up.

But I'm just so excited!
Lain Ehmann has such a passion for scrapping and for teaching and it became evident immediately upon watching some of her videos and reading her blog.
She made me excited to do this challenge and she made me believe that I can do it.
Even with all of the crazy stuff going on.

So here is my question:
will you take the challenge?

Will you join me on this crazy adventure to scrap not one layout in the month of February.
Not two.
Not even 10.
But 29 layouts!
One LayOut a Day???!!!!

If you would like more information on this challenge check out Lain's {LOAD212} website and get all the juicy details.

Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to:


29 daily prompts on the topic of Past Perfect: Looking Back to Look Forward
-28 29 daily videos
-Private message board
-Private gallery
-Interviews with cool scrappy folk (guest stars announced soon!)
-Inspiration, fun, and companionship galore!

...and I just noticed something...I've said the word "juice" in some form twice now in one blog posts...

Happy Scrappin'!

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  1. Oh boy, 29 layouts? Kinda scary but exciting at the same time. :-) What is your plan for the pages when they are done? I saw you put a couple in the middle of last week's PL album, will you do the same here? Or do you still keep a separate album also?



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