Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day's 11, 12 & 13...Epic Fail


So how awesome am I?
I start a blog challenge.
I have great people participate and link up.
Wonderful comments.
And I don't even post for two days.
Slap on forehead.

But, in my defense, I have been sick. Not just a little sick, like might have to go see the doctor because I can't get up off this couch sick.
It's been nasty y'all.

So I took a few days off. I've not even read blogs over the weekend let along written any posts so I decided to just make up for the other days in one post.
So read on...

Day 11: I am thankful for the Vets.
I think some people were so caught up in today being 11/11/11 that they forgot about the true purpose. To celebrate the brave men and women who serve our Country and keep us free. I grew up recognizing one very special veteran in my daddy, who was in the Air Force during Vietnam. I proudly tell others that my dad served our country, and I am honored to see him stand beside fellow veterans on this very special day.
I am also honored to be the niece of two amazing veterans. My Uncle Freddie and my Uncle Gary both served in Vietnam as well.
Landen's Grandfathers were in the military,
and just recently our Brother-in-law, Jeremiah, finished his time of service to the Navy.
We love our Vets around here.
Today at school we had a fantastic Veterans Day assembly that left me feeling teary eyed more than once, especially at the end when hundreds of kids saluted the veterans standing in the audience.
I hope that everyone took time today to thank a Vet. Even if you don't have access personally, take a moment to say a prayer or think a nice thought for those who are continuing to serve us by fighting for our country.
Happy Veterans Day!

Day 12: I am thankful for surprises and good food!
It's Saturday and I just got a really cool phone call. My parents are coming for a quick trip!! Granted, they are dropping some stuff off at our house, but I get to see my mom and dad! These are the best surprises EVER!
I am also thankful for good food.
I am hosting a Tastefully Simple party at my house today for our Pastor's Wife Diana, and I am so excited to sample all the yummy foods. I am thankful for taste buds that work and that I am far enough along in my pregnancy to be able to enjoy eating without worrying about getting queasy.
I won't be able to smell anything because of this dang cold but oh well. Gotta pick your battles people, for realz!
And, my mom get's to come to my party! Double Woot Woot!
It's the small things in life that we should be thankful for and I totally am!

Day 13: Movement
Today I have a big ole thank you. I know I already posted about being thankful for Baby O, but today I am super duper thankful because I felt it move for the first time! (Or at least the first time that I actually knew what I was feeling.)
We were driving in the car, talking, and all of a sudden I felt a little flutter, and then another one, and then another. I started Fuh-reak-ing out! It was the coolest feeling and I felt so bad that Landen couldn't feel it too. I know those movements are coming and I can't wait, because he wants to experience it sooo bad. Did I mention I'm also real thankful for my husband? Cause I am.
It's such a blessing to know that we have a healthy baby growing inside me and now that I can feel it moving it just makes it even more exciting. God is good, all the time!

What are you thankful for today?
So, know I am officially caught up.
I'm sorry that I wrote past days in present tense but it will make it much easier to copy and paste into my 30 Days of Thanks album that I am getting together. Keep watching later this week to see how I am creating my album. Nothing major, using lots of templates and a We R Memory Keepers album but I am sooo excited!

Thanks guys for putting up with my absence! I've missed your link ups on the last few posts so be sure to add yours this week, and tell a friend too, or grab a button, I'd love to have more people linking up because reading them makes me smile big ole smiles!

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  1. Life does tend to catch up with us ... however I'm sorry that you're sick (and hope you are better real soon). I enjoyed reading everything you're thankful for these past few days!



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