Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I heart these kids...

Over the last year or so Landen and I have been extremely blessed to work with a great group of kids in our Youth Praise Band.
We love getting together and learning new songs (most of the time very quickly, and on the spot).
It's been a learning process and one that we really enjoy.

I wanted to share with you just a bit of the talent that we have in our group.
We have
Brad-Bass Guitar
Bauner- Electric Guitar
Jacob: Mandolin (how stinkin' awesome, right?)
Andrea: drums. Yeah, you heart that straight. We have a girl drummer! Booya!

And that incredible voice you hear about halfway through? That would be the hubs. Love him!
(In his defense, he didn't know this was being videoed, hence the random flipping through papers and then the random singing). Most of the time I am singing too but I took the night off.

PLEASE, PLEASE don't press the back button and actually listen! The kids have worked hard and would love some feedback.

So here ya go: FSBC Praise Team's rendition of "I'll Fly Away!"


  1. holycow i just found your blog and i love it...these kids are ridiculously talented. God has truly blessed them with SUCH great gift

  2. The blessings that have been given to these kids are just amazing! They are great and tell them to keep up the great music!



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