Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What a week...

I am such a horrible person.
I started a giveaway challenge and I didn't even post a question yesterday.
But after some consideration on the matter I think I am going to change the rules a little bit. Instead of posting questions every Tuesday AND Thursday I think I am going to post one more question on Thursday (tomorrow) and that will remain the giveaway entry for the rest of the month. I have been so busy this week dealing with things like this:


and all of the insurance and stuff that goes with it. Did I mention that I have only had my car back from getting fixed from my snow accident for like 3 weeks. Stupid animal that decided to head-butt my car. Thankfully, comprehensive collateral is much less that collision, but still.

So in other words, I am going to re-evaluate the giveaway and I will post more about it tomorrow.

In other news.
I hit a plateau this week and I am kinda bummed yet sooo much more motivated at the same time. So I am still at 132.6.

But here's a funny story...

When L plateaued she was at 132.6 too and stayed there for 3 weeks. Oh dear Jesus please don't let that happen! I added a lot more cardio this week and started doing my shakes for lunch.

So we will see.

Things to expect this week:
1.Project Life update
2. Mini Sewing machine tutorial video
3. Update on Made to Crave giveaway
4. and some other randomness that I am sure I will come up with.

But before I go, have any of you ever suffered from a weight loss plateau? Do you have any tips or tricks for getting past it? Success stories only please, no discouragement allowed :) Thanks!


  1. Hey girl, sorry to hear about your accident! I have been meaning to get back to your email as well and I had even read that post when you originally started the challenge but I knew that I am horrible at finishing challenges right now and didn't want to let you down:( EX P31:( I don't know what my issue is, booo! ANyways that book does sound fab so I am interested to see how you repurpose the giveaway!! Thanks for leaving a question too. I hate when no one participates, makes you feel like the dork in school I appreciate my "girls" who actually left them! Thanks!

  2. I once heard on a fitness TV show, that when one "stays the same" is time for a change in workout routines. What I gathered was that your body "got used" to whatever routine you were tackling, so it needs a different kind to move other parts of your body, so to speak. So maybe you should need to look into different routines? or add something more, yet different, to what you already do?
    just my two cents...
    have a good day!

  3. oh my goodness, you are not a horrible person! Life just happens, sometimes. Don't feel guilty at all...this place is for you to express yourself and have fun, not for you to have just some other thing that you "have to do". Sorry to hear about your accident, and I hope all the insurance insanity clears up soon! One thing I like to do to shake up my routines a little is to do a high-impact dance video once a week or so, to change it like Claus mentioned.



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