Saturday, March 05, 2011

A little birdie told me..

Today was the first day that I heard them!
I woke up to the sound of birds outside my window! Could it possibly be that spring is on it's way. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.
I want to put on shorts and a t-shirt, grab my bike and go for a ride.
Except that it's raining. Bummer.
But a little birdie told me that spring is soon on it's way.
And I am pumped!


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  1. Hi there! greetings from Guatemala!, the "land of eternal Spring", and where birds are a yearly happening!! I was walking my dogs, Lucas and Mateo, yesterday, very early in the morning, right about the time when birds were waking up. I live in a green area, within the city, where we still have many trees, and it was absolutely wonderful to hear the many types of singing. I heard the summer bird!, which is my favorite one. It only comes out around summer, you know? And I am determined this year to try and get a picture of it, and finally know its real name.
    Because I was thinking, hearing and seeing birds yesterday, and they are starting to show up in your area, I thought to drop by and leave a few lines on your blog.
    have a lovely day!!



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