Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A valentine, a tutorial, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

14 Days of Love.
I can't believe it's over.
I had such a fun time creating gifts for my awesome hubby and watching him get so giddy every time I handed him a new package to open.
I already have big ideas for next year, including a cute little paper mache mailbox I got on clearance!

For day 14 I stole an idea that I saw in a magazine at the beauty salon (BHG maybe?) and I knew I just had to try it.

Behold, the day 14 gift.


My binder rings were a little on the small side so I am going to buy bigger ones and redo that part but all-in-all it turned out great and he was really pleased!
At one point I was trying to get him to put it down so that I could tell him something and he said "No! You spent a lot of time on this and I am going to spend a lot of time looking over it! You deserve it!
*Insert beaming face here*

This cute book is super easy to make, but there is a little bit of time involved because I had to cut out a lot of little cardstock pieces. 53 of both the red and the black. But it only took me about an hour and half to complete the whole project.

Here's the step by step process.
1. I bought a deck of cards at the Dollar Tree (2 decks for $1- shhweeett!)

Then I inked the edges, wadded them up, spit on them (not really), and did anything else that would make them look all old and distressed.

I cut down my cardstock to the appropriate sizes and then matted the black on top of the red. I found this amazing product at my local craft store called Chalkstock! It comes in both 12x12 sheets and tags! I was super pumped! 3 sheets of 12x12 will do the job and I think I used 4 sheets of 12x12 red cardstock.




All that was left to do was write my little sentiments with a white gel pen, attach them to the cards, make my cover, punch the holes with my Crop-A-Dile and put the binder rings in the holes.




Super cuteness!
And he loved it!


This doesn't have to be just a Valentines gift. It would work great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just about anything!
If you make one I'd love to see your versions!

And last but not least: GIVEAWAY TIME!
The giveaway will run from today (February 15th) through Friday, February 18th @ 11:59pm

I've been working crazy hard to complete my 14 Days of Love Valentine mini scrapbook.
At first I was going to include a page for each day but I changed my mind due to the lack of people linking up. I decided to make it more versatile and do a generic Valentine mini. You could totally still do a 14 day album if you choose.

Giveaway rules:
Leave a comment on this post about either
1. A special Valentine's moment with a loved one.
2. Something you would like to see me blog about.
3. What you would do with the album if you won.

refer my blog to someone, they follow me, and then leave your name as a reference in the comments section!

I am super pumped about my first giveaway and I can't wait to see who responds! Pass the word please!

Thanks to all who linked up throughout the 14 Days and I hope that you enjoyed slowing things down for Valentines day this year and enjoying your loved ones everyday. Don't stop here! Why not do 365 Days of Love? (Oh my!)

You can find me linking this project here:
Get Your Craft On Tuesday


  1. My husband and I don't usually give gifts on Valentine's Day but we try to go out to eat or at least make a family meal. This year I used a bunch of your different crafts for my husband and he was shocked to receive them. We also celebrated with a family meal (my husband and 5 year old son)in our dining room deck out with red hearts and Spaghetti on the menu. I would definatley use the scrapbook to scrap this awesome holiday!
    Stacy Hertz

  2. Hi Amanda! This project of yours is too cute! I'm taking notes for the future, as I don't have a "special" valentine right now. Lucky me, I have 10 this year! (Ahem, that would be my students.) I teach in a self-contained unit for children with autism, and of course we celebrated the day in style yesterday. My favorite special Valentine's moment this year was when one of my formerly non-verbal students came up to me and asked to take a Valentine's Day picture with me! So exciting to see his transition from non-verbal to seeking social interaction this year!

  3. My special moment would be when I was feeling really down b/c I was hugely pregnant, and I had to go to a hospital orientation on V-day and hubby couldn't come b/c he had to stay at home with our older son. Hubby and I had a $5 limit each year and a lady from work got a huge bouquet and her hubby never does anything. So I was feeling really down, as I knew I wasn't going to get anything like that we couldn't even do our traditional dinner together b/c I had to go to the hospital from work.

    Well I got a call at the hospital from my work (on my cell) saying that my hubby sent flowers to my work! The company delivered them too late in the day and I had left. I was so happy and sad b/c it was friday and they would be dead by the time I got back on Monday. But on Monday morning I got there, and my boss had came in and saw the box on my desk put them in water and took care of them for me. Then on Monday I had a beautiful bouquet and all the girls were jealous!


  4. what? chalk stock?? man, where are you finding these goodies? they don't have that up here in nirther nh!! super cute and just read through the rest of your valentines day treats to the hubby. your so sweet and thoughtful and im sure he loved them all!!

  5. My husband surprised me with several little things. They weren't too big but they were special to me because they were not only things that I wanted but also needed. We were also able to enjoy a quiet dinner out together! No matter what, it's just nice to be together. HUGS!

  6. I really do like the idea of telling people why we love them, everyone loves to hear that! Thanks for linking this project up!



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