Tuesday, February 01, 2011

14 Days of Love-Day 1

It's here!
14 days of Love Challenge Day #1 is finally here and I am so excited!
I have a few things to share with you including my own 14 days of love project and a sneak peek video at the item that will be given away to one lucky blogger on Valentine's Day itself! Woohoo!

Just a reminder of the rules.
The goal of this challenge is to show someone that you love them each of the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day itself. This could be a spouse/parent/child/pet, whoever, but SHARE THE LOVE PEOPLE!

And if you miss day 1,2, 5, or even 10 I STILL want to see your ideas so please don't hesitate to jump in whenever!

Check back here daily to link up your project.
Use pictures or writing to show us your project but just LINK IT UP!
Add my button to your blog so others will check it out and link up too:
Cruise around some of the other bloggers and make nice sweet comments on their mushy gushy love posts.


So..... without further delay
my first 14 Days of Love project:



I hopped on Photoshop and created these super cute love coupons for my husband. There have been so many variations to these things and you can find them pretty much anywhere but I wanted to include things that I knew he would enjoy.

I used:
1.Free night of cuddling
2. A get out of trouble free card.
3. One round of golf.
4. I'll let the dog out in the morning.
5. You ask, I'll do.
6. A back rub.
7. Dinner...your choice.
8. A lazy day on the couch with no honey-do's.
9. Breakfast in bed.
10. A long bike ride together.

I printed them out, inked the edges, punched a hole in the corner and then added some ribbon (football, of course!)
And there you have it!

No literally!
I'm not going to leave you hanging.
I created a printed version like mine and then a BLANK version that can be customized to say anything you want! And they're FREE.

the blank version

the printed version

I only have 10 coupons in mine but you could print as many copies as you like.

And lastly,
here is the sneak peek of the gatefold 14 Days of Love scrapbook I am creating for one lucky blogger to be given away on Feb 14th.

So link it up below! I will be checking back later tonight to see your ideas!

Oh and I won an award!!!
Thank you Carolynn from MakinCuteBlogs for this awesome award!

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  1. These are so incredibly darling!! I love it!! Thanks so much for e-mailing and sharing your fun event with me!! I have posted these to Twitter and will add your button to my sidebar. GREAT ideas!!

  2. Hey. It's Meredith from our online UC masters classes. I've been reading your February blogs and I just made these little coupons for my boyfriend. Thanks for posting the great ideas!!



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