Wednesday, February 02, 2011

14 Days of Love-Day 2

Hello everyone!
We are still covered in snow and ice here so I have been cooped up all day...AGAIN!

I had one person link up to the Challenge yesterday and I loved reading about how she posted on her husband's facebook how much she loved him.
So sweet!

Landen LOVED his coupons and couldn't wait to get started using them. It was nice to see him light up over something as simple as printed cardstock!

I am really excited about my gift for him today too.
I try to thank him on a regular basis and tell him how much I appreciate him, but I think sometimes the little things can slip by. So I decided to try and figure out something I could do that would stop him in his tracks and show him I love him all at the same time. So, I came up with this:



I typed up a list of just a few of the reasons I loved him and then printed it on some cardstock. I trimmed it down to fit my 8x10 frame and then stuck some ribbon on the back.
Guess where it's going to go?

I used one of my suction hooks and it will be hanging eye level as soon as he walks up the steps.
(Excuse my horrible posture in the reflection but I did risk my life out there to take these pictures!)

hopefully this will show him just a few of the reason why I appreciate him so much.
At first every little piece of information had a little heart beside of it but for some reason when I printed it only one of them showed up. Funny how it is the one that is telling him how much I love him for supporting me in counting calories. Haha.

I also decided to keep a blank version of the file for you to use and customize for your own special person.

If you use it please, please. PLEASE, take pictures and post them so I can see how they turned out!
So don't forget to grab my button over on the sidebar and link up!
And check out the other people who have linked up too.
What better way to show someone you care!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh you are far too cute! That's really so beautiful and personal.
    You guys seem so loving and sincere. Big blessings to you!



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