Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 31. Day #5: A letter

Dear Father,

When I think about someone who has made my heart come alive, how can I not think of you?
You knew me before I was even born.
You breathed life into my lungs.
You quite literally, made my heart come alive.

But God,
You are so much more than just my Creator.
You are my Savior.
I can't begin to tell you what it means to me that You are on my side.
Just this week I have seen Your presence in my life providing for me and protecting me.
How can I not be amazed when I step outside and see all the beautiful snow on the ground and know that You created each snowflake that falls from the sky.
I praise You Father.
I praise You for loving me enough to sacrifice Your Son for me.
I praise You for loving me enough to bless me with parents that are the most compassionate, God-fearing, people I know.
I praise You for knowing that I would need an older sister to talk to about things I don't feel comfortable talking to others about.
I praise You for a husband who seeks your face on a daily basis and has such a compassionate tender heart.
I praise you for being you and creating me to be me.

Thank you for creating me and giving me this life that I can be proud of.
Thank. you.


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  1. I was really thinking about mine being to the Lord too:)



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