Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Little Word 2013: Choose

Each year, as the present year comes near an end, I join the rest of the masses who sit and do an inventory of the things that went right with their year, the things that went wrong, and the things that need changed in the upcoming year.

This year, instead of embracing a list of resolutions that will go into the pile of past years lists, I have decided to instead embrace one little world. A word that will drive each decision that I make in the upcoming year. A word that will help me change things around me and things about myself. This word is choose.

As I have ponder the things about my amazing, blessed, life that I want to see changed in 2013 this word kept appearing in my head. It beckoned me to embrace it. To accept that this word can in fact have a huge impact on my life. The things that I choose this year will determine the year that I have.

I will choose to say no to things things that will have no significant or lasting effect on my life or the life of those close to me.

I will choose to say yes to things that might make me feel uncomfortable, might make me question who I am and what I believe but will bid me to look deep inside for deeper meaning.

I will choose to pay more attention to what others are going through around me and focus less on what is going on in my life.

I will choose to see others through Jesus' eyes and not through my own cynical, hardened ones.

I will choose to make healthier choices about what I put in my body and the things that come back out of it through my words and my intentions.

I will choose to be brave and take risks in my creative outlets that I haven't taken before.

I will choose to spend precious time with my daughter and cherish the next few months of it being just her before her little brother or sister arrives in June.

I will choose to be a more attentive wife who spends time doting on my husband and showing him how much I appreciate him.

There are many other things that I hope to choose in the coming year, I can't wait to look back on the year 2013 and see how this word has drove me to be more spontaneous, loving, compassionate, and daring.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Never heard of One Little Word? It's an idea created by Ali Edwards to embrace one word for the new year and allow it to influence your life that year. I'd love to hear which word you chose for this year. 

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