Friday, June 29, 2012

My Summer Manifesto

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a to-do list driven person. Sticky notes are my best friend and I love the feeling of drawing a big dark line through an accomplished task on a list. 
This summer I decided to create a to-do list, a manifesto of sorts, of things I want to do before going back to school. I sat down with my daily cup of Mother's Milk tea (because that's the tea I drink at this stage of life) and grabbed a pen and paper and began searching my heart for the things that matter to me. Things that will matter in August when I look back over these few precious months. I realize that these months are going to be so much fun, planning camping trips, a vacation to the beach, and watching our little Adeline change and grow everyday. 

I wanted to create a list that wouldn't just be the typical "lay outside and get a tan", "read a book", "lose weight" type goals, but specific ones that I know will make a difference. 

My Summer Manifesto
1. Finish decorating Adeline's nursery.
2. Get caught up on Project Life.
3. Stay up to date on Adeline's scrapbook.
4. Keep a house plant alive.
5. Eat watermelon and have a spitting contest.
6. Sleep outdoors.
7. Write Adeline's name in the sand.
8. Spend time with God in His word daily.
9. Visit Grandma and Kevin's grave.
10. Train for a 5k.
11. Make a mini album with my niece.
12. Go fishing with  my nephew.
13. Swim in a lake.
14. Buy cute clothes for myself.
15. Sing...often.
16. Read the rest of the Hunger Games series.
17. Take pretty pictures.
18. Begin Project 29.
19. Love on my husband.
20. Document the small things.
21. Finish my Week in the Life album.
22. Sit outside in my p.j's and listen to the birds.
23. Give my dog a belly rub.
24. Spend less time thinking and more time doing.
25. Build one relationship outside my comfort level.
26. Offer a second chance. 

I am sure that I will not complete all of these, and I am sure I will add more as the summer progresses. Some I have already began to tackle; and others I cringe at the though of beginning (5k training, eek).  
I hope to find purpose in these things. I hope that when I go back to work in August, I can look back at a summer that was productive and fulfilling and most of all, remembered.

What is your manifesto? Do you have summer goals? I'd love to hear about them. 

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