Friday, June 22, 2012

Adeline: 3 months

How can it be that you are already 3 months old? Time sure is flying by and at this stage in your life you are changing more and more everyday!
So much has happened in the last month. School finished for the year so Mommy is now doing her favorite job in the whole wide world: stay-at-home mommy with you for the summer. I love waking up in the morning and having some close one-on-one time with you before Daddy and Abbey wake up and get the day started. I love watching you sleep and all of the cute little faces that you make. Morning time snuggles are my favorite.
We took you to the Dr. for your two month checkup and also for your shots. Mommy cried when you cried and it was not a fun day for anyone. Daddy went too and he held you afterwards and you snuggled up close to him and held his tie really tight.  The Dr said you were a healthy baby though! You weighed 11 pounds, and were 24-1/2 inches long! My, you are growing into such a long, skinny, little girl. You are in the 29th percentile for weight, which means you still need to gain a little bit of weight, but you are in the 75th percentile for length. You are long!
You are now wearing size 2 diapers. It seems like just yesterday we were folding down the newborns so they would fit around your waist and now you are wearing 2's!!!
You also started laughing and cooing a lot this month. We are able to have conversations with you and it is so much fun to see how you respond to our facial expressions and our voices.  I love your laugh. It makes me feel so warm inside. 
You love laying on your play mat and you just started actually playing with the toys that hangs from it.  You will sit and punch the little ball back and forth for 30 minutes or more and laugh the whole time.  
I think you are beginning to teeth too. You have started drooling like crazy and you have began sucking and chewing on everything that gets close to your mouth. You also have started sucking on your thumb which is super cute, but a bad habit to develop so we are trying to stop you from doing it by putting your paci in your mouth. You would much rather have your thumb!
You are drinking around 5 ounces every feeding now and we are still giving you both breastmilk and formula.  I usually nurse you during the day and then we give you bottles once Daddy gets home so he can have some time with you.
You are quickly growing out of your 0-3 month clothing and are starting to fit into your 3-6 month clothes. This makes Mommy both happy and sad. Happy that you are growing to be such a big girl, but sad that time is going by fast. 
You also love our bedtime routine. Each night we wrap you up in your pink SwaddleMe and we read to you from the Bible and pray with you.  You always settle right down during the prayer and we are getting between 8-9 hours of sleep now! Usually after your morning feeding you go back to sleep for another hour or so which gives mommy a chance to either catnap or take a shower and prepare for our day (or, write your 3-month old letter, hehe).
We had your baby dedication this month and made a commitment to raise you up to love God and follow Him in all you do. It is the greatest responsibility we could have, and one that we take very seriously.
You went to your first Red's game! You had a blast and only got fussy one time when the fireworks went off and Mommy forgot to cover your ears. You were given a "My First Red's Game" certificate with the date of the game and who was playing written on it.  I can't wait to add it to your scrapbook!
You also celebrated Fathers Day with your Daddy. We bought him a Joey Votto jersey and he loved it! I can already tell that he is itching to wear it. You have the best Daddy ever!
You are such a happy baby and as fast as you are growing I just know that before we realize it you are going to be crawling, then walking, and then on to other things I can't quite wrap my mind around yet.
Just know one thing baby girl, your Daddy and I love you so much. You have made our lives complete and filled a hole we didn't even know we had. We love you.  

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