Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life: 4.23.12

This week I decided to participate in A Week in the Life, a project created by Ali Edwards to inspire you to document all the little moments and details of your life for an entire week.
It was really important to me to do this project this year because with little Adeline in our life now I know for a fact that what my life looks like this year is NOT what it will look like this time next year.  I want to capture each and every little detail, new routine, and the various activities and events that make up our life in 2012.
My plan is to work on taking photos with both my Canon and my iPhone and keep track of the journaling in the notes app.  Each night I will go through, pick my photos for the day and share the photos and journaling on my blog the next day. 

So without further ado, here is Monday

Breastfeeding is a really time consuming thing, especially when you have a little girl who wants to nurse for almost an hour at a time.  We are learning together little things that we can do to make the time pass more quickly, and Scrubs on Netflix is definitely one of those things.  Two episodes and lots of laughs later and we are good to go! 

A meeting at work was the perfect chance to show Adeline off to all of my co-workers. It also happened to be the day that the students were taking the reading OAA test. Stress was in the air! I tried to encourage my homeroom by leaving a note on the board.  Rounding up the first year of my Mentoring program at school involves lots of paperwork and self-assessment. Luckily I had great mentors to help me along in the process!

A quick stop by Dick's Sporting Goods and Landen gained a new pair of baseball pants and new shoes to wear to our church softball league games each week. 

Love goofing off with my little girl. Our days consist of a lot of nursing and a lot of cuddling, and lots of picture taking! Can you see the resemblance between the two of us yet? 

I was a day late taking Adeline's one month photo so after she was fed and changed I snatched a few minutes and set up my camera and her bouncy seat in the morning room. Fifty pictures later and we got several really good shots. I love her bright, happy eyes! 

During Landen's softball game Adeline decided she was hungry which led to a speed-nursing session in the car. Cuddling afterwards is a plus. Grandma O'Banion stopped by to watch Landen play and afterwards we went to the Mexican restaurant in Trenton to grab a bite to eat. Grandpa O'Banion stopped by after is class was over so we all got to catch up a bit. 


Landen loves anything that allows him to be athletic and competitive, so now that softball is in full swing he is right in his element. I love that I am able to capture him doing what he loves! 

Best friends are a gift from God, and Landen and Michael are about as close as they come. It's always nice to find someone you can be completely yourself with. 

So there you have it! Day one is done. I wasn't able to capture much of our night-time routines because, well, I was busy living in the moment of them. I'm okay with it though because the beauty of A Week in the Life is that I have 6 more days to capture little details like those.
I hope you've enjoyed this, and it's never too late to start looking at all the small, moments that make up the big ones we call Life. 

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