Saturday, January 28, 2012

What pregnancy is teaching me....

1. This body no longer belongs to me. 
I am host to a human being that decides when I eat and if I like it or not, when I go to the bathroom, the position I lay in, and how much sleep I get. And I didn't know that my stomach could stretch as far as it has but guess's still stretching!!!!!  

2. My husband is uh-may-zing!!!
He is so attentive and is always singing/talking to Baby O.

3. My belly is a hand-magnet.
I am always getting "touched." If I wasn't pregnant, would you still rub my belly. UH-no!
{Side note: I don't always mind, but the old man in the mall was a little much.}

4. My brain has gone on a hiatus.
I can't form sentences, and sometimes I can't find words, and I NEVER make sense.

5. My back has become demon-possessed.
It hates me. For realz. Can someone say chiropractor?

6. Sometimes, it looks like I have an alien living inside me.
My belly moves like an anaconda is inside there sometimes. Now I love it, but the first time, it really creeped me out!

7. Even 5th graders have pregnancy stories to tell.
My kids at school are convinced they know exactly how my baby is going to be born; and they tell me in great detail all the good and all the horrifically bad of every pregnancy they've ever been around. Fun stuff I tell ya.

8.  Stairs. Suck. Period.

9. Wanting the gender to be a surprise is a bigger deal than I ever thought! 
No one can believe that we decided not to find out the sex of the baby.  It's been so much fun though to hear people guess and give reasonings behind their guessing. 

and lastly 

10. Even though pregnancy has its ups and downs, it's the most wonderful thing on Earth!
I love the movements, I love the conversations, I love the bond being created between me and this baby, and Landen and this baby, and Landen and myself.  It's the most exciting time ever! 

Come on March!


  1. I don't have any children yet, but I have always thought that I would not find out the sex of the baby. It seems like it would be such a wonderful moment to have someone say it's a boy or a girl right when they are born. I'm always confused by people who want to find out?! :-)

  2. Glad you are enjoying pregnancy.... I don't have kids yet, but hopefully soon. Pregnancy sounds like a great time, so many memories come from it!!



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