Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sponsor Feature: Ashley @ Eisy Morgan

I love this girl!

Not only is her blog awesome, but she is insanely awesome too! Her blog contains all kinds of tutorials hair, crafts, etc) and she includes videos! I love it when people have videos!

Ultimate Blog Party!!

Hi, I'm Ashley

and I run this little blog called
Eisy Morgan!
Instead of starting out talking about my blog
I will share with you what was recently said

"Sure, there are a lot of mom blogs out there. And mom inspiration blogs. And blogs with vlogs (video blogs). But I have to say that I especially enjoy Eisy Morgan! Her blog seems to be at that great stage of growth where she has enough followers to offer interesting and timely, often-updated content, but no too many that she feels inaccessible. She's just so darn likeable!"
{Aww, thanks!!!}

In short
I am a woman...
{to name a few}
and I LOVE being inspired
and sharing that inspiration
and probably MOST of all..
I LOVE to laugh!

What will you find at Eisy Morgan??
Hair Tutorials like this
"Braided Up-do"

Craft Tutorials like these

Accessory Tutorials like this

Blogging Tips like

A little bit of my etsy like my

Here are some quick links to check out...

Hair tutorials
Craft tutorials
inspiration spotlights.
Beauty and Style

Find me here....


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Hope you come say hi!!!

Head on over...RIGHT NOW...to visit her blog! It has more than tripled in size and followers over the last few months and when you're there it's easy to see why!

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