Monday, March 28, 2011



I've hit a rut
as I 'm sure most of you wonderful bloggers have at some point.
I want a new blog design but I am so scared to start messing with what I have because it took me forever to get it the way I like it.
I'm really into white backgrounds and the pinks, blues, yellows, and grays of the season.
I want a wide post area and possibly a sidebar on each side with cute little dashed lines going in between!

I know what I want I just don't know how to get it!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas? Excellent tutorials they use? I don't have the extra money to pay someone to do it for me unfortunately, plus I'm a very big do-it-myselfer so I would love the challenge.

This is killing me!

Comment below with all your wonderful ideas!


  1. If you want three columns, I say take what blogger provides in its design feature. Then I recommend to go to or for a tip or two to customize it your way, without hiring a professional or getting an already-made template. It will definitely take some time...but hey!, that's the fun of it, right? Good luck!

  2. Here is a tip for the wide layout. Go to your edit html button, below the box go to the old templates and choose the stretch option! That is what mine is on:)

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog! I am more than willing to give you some advice. My current settings are as so:
    my left sidebar is at 220 px my right is at 250px and my main wrapper is at 650px!

    the outerwrapper is set for like 1199 i believe- a lot i know, that gives you more space to work with!

    I offer custom blog designs too, if you are ever interested just email me, I can show you some of the work I have done and we can work out something perfect for you!!!



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