Thursday, February 03, 2011

14 Days of Love-Day 3

Can I just say that I am having a BLAST creating projects to show Landen how much I love him!
He was really surprised with yesterday's gift and I think it really achieved my goal of showing him all the things I love about him.

Today I decided to do something a little more practical and functional but still special.


Landen always has some kind of drink (tea, pop, water) sitting on his desk at work. And right now his drink coaster is usually a piece of paper or a notepad. This photo coaster can now replace the paper and add a touch of love to his office.
I found a cheap 4x4 tile at Lowes and just modgepodged a photo down to it. I added some felt to the back to make it scratch resistant and there you have it!
A cute, personal, photo coaster that cost me $0.33 to make. Can't beat that!

Have a cute Valentines project you have created for someone you love?
I'd love to see it.

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