Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Tree Named Jesse

Happy Holidays everyone!

It is the season of Advent, and I love all of the different advent calendars that I have seen around the blogosphere.

Here at the O'Banion house we have our own Advent tradition; a Jesse Tree.

You can read all about the origin of the Jesse tree here.

Even though we don't have any kids yet we still love taking a few minutes each evening to spend time in God's word and Praise Him for all of the blessings that He sends our way. It's a tradition that we look forward to carrying on when we do have kids some day.

My mom picked them up a few years ago at Cracker Barrel on sale. It works perfectly!

And these are the ornaments that I made. I picked and chose different scriptures until I found the ones I wanted to use and then I painted symbols representing those verses. I bought the wooden shapes at Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars and then drew on the pictures and painted them. I also got the elegant hooks at Hobby Lobby for just $1. I loved the way they turned out and they are really sturdy.

So every night during advent we do our nightly reading and hang the ornament on the tree. We have it in the kitchen/dining room area so we see it several times throughout the day. Throughout the season I will post our daily scripture references and devotion so that you can enjoy them yourselves. I am trying to create a pdf file that can be downloaded and printed off so you can use it if you like. You can read Jesse Tree Day #1 here.

Our first Advent Ornament for 2010!

Perhaps the biggest blessing of the season so far has been our new nephew Zalek Nyle! Isn't he a cutie! We are thanking God for such an incredibly cute blessing!

Here are a few of the sites that I have used the most when creating our Jesse Tree:

This website has FREE downloadable ornaments that you can print off and attach to hooks. They're super cute!

A cool website that includes the origin of the Jesse Tree and gives ideas on creating your own.

I will try to add more sights as I locate them!

If you decide to make your own Jesse Tree, PLEASE share them with me! I'd love to see how you incorporate this special tradition into your own traditions!

With Love!

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